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Style Trends for Bifold Doors

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Bifold doors can enhance the appearance of your home, inviting in more natural light and creating a more spacious living environment. In recent years, bifold doors have been growing in popularity and more homeowners are choosing this style over traditional patio or sliding doors. Bifold doors open by folding in a concertina style and the large glass panels reveal stunning garden views. 

Bifold doors have a sleek aesthetic and the aluminium frames are strong, weatherproof and built to last. If you are considering a bifold door installation, we have all the latest style trends for you. Bifold doors can be customised to suit your chosen aesthetic and you can dress them to match the existing style of your home and create additional privacy. If you want to keep your home on trend, follow our bifold door style tips.

Best Bifold Door Frame Colours

Gone are the days when homeowners only had a small selection of door colours to choose from. In 2023, aluminium bifold doors are available in almost every colour imaginable. Whatever colour scheme you are creating within your home, there is sure to be a RAL frame colour to suit your dream palette. 

If you want to keep your new bifold doors inline with the latest interior door colour trends, you will want to choose one of the following shades:


Black door frames convey a sense of sophistication and style. The great thing about black is it works well with all other colours and never goes out of fashion. Black interior doors are trending in 2023 and are the perfect choice if you want the aluminium frames of your bifold doors to stand out, but don’t want to choose a bold, bright colour. 


If black feels too dark but you want to create a neutral colour scheme, grey is a popular choice. Grey doors have been a popular interior door trend for several years, and blue-grey tones are one of the must-have colours for 2023.  

Thermally-Efficient Bi-Folding Doors


Bifold doors are available in any colour you can dream of, but oak tones are popular this year. As bifold doors seamlessly connect your home and garden, the earthy shade of oak helps to boost the nature-focussed aesthetic that these folding doors create. It is possible to purchase bifold doors with woodgrain foil finishes, or you can choose light brown and beige shades from the RAL wheel for an oak-like appearance. 

Dual Colour

Another popular bifold door style is to have dual colour frames, This can add personality to your property and help you to reflect your personal style in your home. Dual colours can be used to make your bifold door frames extra eye-catching and you can choose one colour to match your interior decor and another to compliment the colours of your garden. 

How To Dress Your Doors 

Bifold doors look stunning as they are, but dressing them with blinds or curtains is a stylish way to make your living space feel more private.

Roller Blinds 

A trending way to dress bifold doors is to add individual roller blinds to each glass panel. For a funky look, add a different coloured blind to each door leaf. Alternatively, achieve ultimate privacy and a sleek aesthetic by adding blackout blinds to your doors.


Bifold doors often take up a lot of wall space and while they give you gorgeous garden views, they make it easy for the neighbours to see into your home. A popular way to dress bifold doors is to cover them with lightweight curtains. Match the fabric to the colour scheme of your room or choose something bright to make a statement and draw attention to your doors. Lightweight curtains will give you the best of both worlds - natural light can still filter in and you can enjoy the extra privacy.

Foldable Bifold Doors

Top Styling Tips For Rooms With Bifold Doors 

Keeping your home on trend is not just about how you style your bifold doors, how you choose to arrange and decorate the rest of your space is important too. Bifold doors are large and will soak your rooms in stunning natural light. As well as creating a brighter home, you will have more space and be able to enjoy impressive views, whether the doors are open or closed. 

Alongside choosing the perfect frame colour and dressing your doors with curtains or blinds, follow these tips to keep your home on trend in 2023: 

  • Avoid placing any art work or mirrors on the walls that will distract from the panoramic views through the bifold doors. 
  • Spotlights and candles can compliment the natural light coming through the large glass door panels and create a relaxing ambience in the evenings. 
  • Bifold doors blend indoor and outdoor spaces together. Many homeowners choose to bring even more nature into their home by adding houseplants and green/yellow soft furnishings.  
  • Before installing bifold doors, consider the layout of your room and the position of your furniture. If your bifold doors will connect your living room to your garden, make sure no furniture will prevent easy access and face your sofa towards the doors for maximum view appreciation. 

Enhance Your Home With MyBifold Doors 

At My Bifold, we supply aluminium bifold doors in London, Oxford, Reading and the surrounding areas. Bifold doors are a popular home improvement, they bring more natural light to your property and provide stunning panoramic views. 

Our bifold doors can be customised to suit your style preferences. We offer a wide range of frame colours and hardware options; there is the perfect bifold door for every property in our range. You can dress your bifold doors if you wish, or you can leave them bare to enjoy their stylish and sleek design. 

To learn more about the MyBifold range of doors, contact our team on 01522 516615 or get in touch via our online contact form. To start your bifold door project today, use our online tools to find an installer and receive a bespoke quote

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