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A number of factors have a bearing on the final price of your ideal aluminium doors. Firstly, consider the size of the opening where the bifold or patio doors will be. With configurations of between 2 - 7 panels, aluminium rear doors are so versatile that they can work perfectly in any type of property in Kent where you want to connect your interior and exterior spaces.   Secondly, you should consider the style and finish that you wish to achieve. We offer an extensive variety of colours and finishes to suit any taste, whether you prefer the traditional woodgrain effect or you are looking for something more modern and sleek. We also provide a selection of hardware accessories to complement any style. Once you have decided on the perfect look for your home in Kent, we will be able to provide you with an accurate and competitive quote. Whichever option to go for, you can be sure that you will receive a high quality product, professionally installed by us. Our aluminium doors at My Bifold are a fantastic long term investment that adds value to your home in Kent and is built to last.

Depending on your choice of design features and customisable options, prices for aluminium doors can vary. To give you an idea, aluminium patio doors range between £3,699.81 - £3,783.21 and aluminium bifold doors are between £4,506.16 - £4,515.15. The guide prices shown vary according to width and height.

Aluminium doors are an excellent choice for period properties in Kent and can blend perfectly with the traditional aesthetic. The charm and character can be maintained by the realistic woodgrain effect finishes available in our fantastic range. Benefit from the best of both worlds with the authentic appearance and high tech modern performance.

Aluminium doors are an industry leading product. Cutting edge technology and sophisticated design provide impressive performance. Aluminium is incredibly strong and robust which means a larger glazed area can be supported by a slimmer frame. They are also designed to be extremely thermally efficient which will save you money on heating costs.

Being both incredibly strong and lightweight make aluminium doors the ideal material for patio and bifolding doors. Their versatility means they can be configured in a number of different ways, providing excellent functionality. Our aluminium back doors are cleverly designed to glide smoothly, making operation effortless.

The aluminium doors that we install are bespoke to the specific requirements of your home in Kent. The costs involved will be influenced by the size of the opening, the style or aluminium door, albeit patio or bifolds, your chosen finish and any hardware options that you decide on. Our aluminium doors are fully customisable to your tastes.

When you decide to improve your home with aluminium doors, you are installing a high quality, premium product. These state-of-the-art aluminium doors are the very best available on the market today. This makes them a futureproof investment that will provide outstanding performance and last for a long time to come. You’ll also experience our top class service.

Aluminium doors are so versatile that they are suitable for any type of property in Kent. They are inherently strong and durable, but equally flexible enough to be fitted to all homes. When you consider the vast array of design options available through colour finishes and hardware accessories, we have the perfect solution for any homeowners in Kent.

If you require a quote for aluminium bifold doors or patio doors for your Kent property, then you can use our online quoting engine. It’s so easy to use and will provide you with a cost in moments. Simply enter your details to receive your individual price. If you would like to contact us instead, our friendly team of experts will be happy to assist you.

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