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How To Dress & Cover Bifold Doors

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Aluminium bifold doors are a stunning home improvement. These large doors fold in on each other in a concertina style, creating a completely undisturbed connection between interior and exterior spaces. If you want panoramic views and easy access to your garden, this is possible with aluminium bifold doors. At My^Bifold, we supply top of the range bifold doors that feature a weatherproof, contemporary, secure and durable cutting-edge design. This type of door looks incredible as it is, but some homeowners choose to cover the large glass panels. If you are looking for ways to dress and cover bifold doors, our experts are sharing their top advice here.

Should You Cover Bifold Doors?

Bifold doors are made from premium grade materials and have an attractive, modern look. My^Bifold doors are tailor made to each customer and are available in a wide range of colours and finishes. The advanced design can bring a unique aesthetic to period properties, or enhance the modern appearance of a new build. 

Aluminium bifold doors offer exceptional thermal efficiency and security and do not need to be covered to provide excellent performance. However, it is down to personal preference whether you choose to dress your bifold doors or not. Curtains and blinds can provide extra privacy but are not necessary to achieve maximum thermal efficiency. Covered or not, aluminium bifold doors will help to increase the temperature of your home, lowering your energy usage and bills as a result. 

Covering bifold doors can be a creative way to customise your living space further and keep the eyes of neighbours out of your property. If you want to dress your doors, we suggest installing blinds or curtains. 


The best way to cover your bifold doors is to fit individual blinds to each glass pane. The blinds you choose can either make or break the appearance of your doors, so choose wisely. Roller blinds are a good choice for a sleek finish as they roll up neatly into a cylinder at the top of each door. Fitting individual blinds means you can allow in the exact amount of natural light you want, keeping some blinds open and others closed if necessary. 

The aluminium bifold doors we supply come in a wide range of colours. When dressing your doors, you can either choose blinds in a similar shade or choose a completely different colour for a bold, contrasting look. Roman and Venetian blinds can also look great on bifold doors, but it is important to note that these blinds won’t fold away neatly and may be too bulky when pulled up. 

Whatever blinds you choose, consider how much natural light you want and whether the blind design works with the space you have available. My^Bifold doors are a stunning addition to every home and if you choose to cover them, do so in a way that enhances their contemporary and sleek appearance. 


If blinds don’t fit the aesthetic you are trying to create, curtains may be a better solution. We are assuming you don’t want to keep your beautiful bifold doors out of sight all day, but we understand that these doors are large and homeowners may want more privacy or to create a cosier atmosphere in the evenings. Choosing the best curtains for your bifold doors will depend on personal preference, but it is important to consider the space you have around your doors and how much light you want to let inside. 

Black out curtains can effectively block out sunbeams, whereas light fabric curtains can help to retain your privacy, while still allowing light to filter in through the glass panes of your bifold doors. If you choose to fit curtains to cover your doors, make sure you install a curtain pole strong enough to bear their weight. Aluminium bifold doors often take up a lot of wall space, you will need to keep this in mind when buying your curtains and poles - is there room for the pole at the top? Will the curtains reach the floor?

When buying curtains for your bifold doors, find designs that complement the existing aesthetic inside your home. Also, as our bifold doors are available in a wide range of RAL colours, you will want to find curtains in a shade that works well with your bespoke design.

Transform Your Home With Bifold Doors Today! 

Bifold doors can completely transform properties, inviting in more natural light and creating a seamless connection with outdoor spaces. Aluminium bifold doors are thermally efficient and along with additional light, they offer reliable security. 

My Bifold aluminium bifold doors have a market leading design and are made from premium grade materials. We have developed a network of approved installers and all you need to do is use our online tool to find a local installer and get a quote right away. 

Aluminium bifold doors are sleek and ooze contemporary style. Our door designs are tailor made, allowing you to choose the exact glass panels configuration, colour, hardware and more. Whether you dress them with blinds and curtains or leave them uncovered, bifold doors will enhance your home. To get in touch with the knowledgeable My^Bifold team, simply fill in our online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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