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What are Standard Bifold Door Sizes?

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At my ^ bifold , we offer plenty of standard bifold door sizes to suit any home. Along with our configuration options, you'll always be able to get a set of doors that's right for your property. We know that installing bifold doors isn't the easiest project, meaning that getting the right size can go a long way to making the process smoother. So, at my ^ bifold, we make sure our range of standard bifold door sizes can cover all of your needs.

Bifold doors are a unique addition to any home. With multiple glass panels that fold in on each other when you open them, the whole design can disappear into the corner of the room. However, it also replaces a wall of your home, meaning getting the right size for your living space is crucial. It's why we make sure our bifold doors can come made-to-measure if you need it, along with our standard bifold door sizes.

It's not the only way we can make your bifold doors unique to you, either. We'll also help you design your doors to suit your home's style. We can offer a bespoke powder coating service, meaning you can add a unique color to your doors and make sure it's durable enough to last for decades. By choosing my ^ bifold, you can explore our standard bifold door sizes and our design options while knowing you'll find something for you.

What are Our Standard Bifold Door Configuration Options?

Your standard bifold door sizes will depend on the bifold door design you go for. Usually, the size of your doors is determined by the number of glass panels you opt to include in the design. With more panels, you'll need a more expansive door to fit them all in, while fewer panels mean you can choose a smaller door. Fortunately, my^bifold offer a range of configuration options to help you get the right standard bifold door sizes.

We can supply our bifold doors with one single panel, all the way up to eight panels of double glazing. Because of this, the standard bifold door sizes you get could vary wildly depending on the number of panels you'd like in the design. If you want to see how many panels you could have for your doors, you can measure the area you'd like to install them in and compare these measurements with our standard bifold door sizes.

Once you've picked the number of panels you'd like in the design, my^bifold can take it from there. We'll be able to match our bifold doors to the aperture you have, meaning you'll always get a perfect fit. Not only that, we can go below 700mm on the door sash width if you need your doors to be at that size. You'll have everything you need to get our standard bifold door sizes.

What are Our Standard Bifold Door Sizes?

Our standard bifold door sizes depend on the configuration options you choose for your doors. However, once you've done that, you can see how your doors will come as standard. Our sizes range from 800mm to 1080mm in width for a one-panel design, all the way up to 5750mm to 8050mm in width for the full eight-panel configuration. Our standard bifold door sizes scale up depending on the number of panels in your doors.

You'll notice, though, that we don't only do one design. Because we know every home is unique, we make sure our aluminium bifold door sizes are designed to match. When you work with my^bifold, you'll get made-to-measure blinds in the sizes you need. You can order bespoke blinds that will suit any space you want to install your new doors in.

Across our range of standard bifold door sizes, the height is always 2.5m. Additionally, you can get sash heights from below 700mm but can be as tall as 1000mm, depending on your needs. With this flexibility, we can provide standard bifold door sizes that will have something that works for you. Not only that, our versatile bifold doors perform just as well no matter the size they come in.

Standard Bifold Door Sizes from my^bifold

When you check our standard bifold door sizes, you'll notice there's a range. It's because none of our bifold doors is ever the same as another. We believe every home is unique, which is why we've spent 40 years offering bifold doors that are tailored to you. You can pick the perfect size for your bifold doors and customise it around your home, rather than having to choose from a template.

You can also rely on your bifold door installers to fit your new doors to your precise specifications. Rather than install doors ourselves, my ^ bifold has an approved network of local companies. Because of this, you can find the one closest to you in minutes and get a more responsive, personalized service. Not only that, working with local installers usually ends up saving you money!

If you'd like to explore our full range of doors, standard bifold door sizes and configuration options, take a look through our website today. And, if you're ready to add new doors to your home, find an installer today or call us on 01522 516 615 to discuss it with our team.

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