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Weatherproof Lantern Roofs - How Do They Survive British Weather?

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A lantern roof installation can help to brighten up a property, allowing natural light to flood into the space below. This roofing option looks like a blend of a traditional conservatory roof and a standard skylight. 

Roof lanterns can be installed as part of a house extension, conservatory or orangery. Their unique ‘peaked’ shape is aesthetically pleasing and also offers high levels of performance all year round. 

Lantern roofs are a great home improvement choice, but are they weatherproof? If you are worried that a lantern roof won’t be able to withstand the poor British weather, the experts at My Bifold are here to reassure you. 

Weatherproof Features of Aluminium Lantern Roofs 

At My Bifold, we supply high quality aluminium lantern roofs. We work with market-leading profiles, available in a range of designs and constructed from premium grade aluminium. 

Here in the UK, the weather isn’t exactly beautiful 365 days a year, and homes can be subjected to terrible conditions. The autumn and winter months can be full of rain, strong winds and freezing temperatures, and we understand why you may be concerned about a lantern roof installation.

The great news is that contemporary lantern roofs are designed with poor weather conditions in mind. When you opt for this home improvement solution, you can enjoy all the benefits of more natural light, without having to worry about weather damage. 

Thermally Efficient Framework

As the winter draws in, temperatures are starting to drop, and many homeowners are already turning to central heating for warmth. My Bifold lantern roofs are energy efficient and can boost the thermal performance of your home, leading to cheaper heating bills in the future. The Stratus Thermal model that we install has been found to be 65% more thermally efficient than other aluminium roof lanterns available on the market today. 

Featuring a polyamide nylon, glass composite thermally broken framework, the Stratus lantern roof provides homes with effective insulation all year round. Plunging temperatures are not your problem when you choose an energy efficient roof lantern installation. 

Weather Resistant Double Glazing 

The stand out feature of aluminium roof lanterns is their expansive glazing, providing stunning sky views and making it possible for sunlight to spill into your living space. Alongside the robust aluminium framework, our lantern roofs feature contemporary double glazing in their design. The high spec glazing has been tested to withstand torrential rain - an absolute necessity here in the UK! 

Homeowners can have total confidence that their lantern roof can survive the British weather. As well as being tested against heavy rain, the glazing in our lantern roof models has been tested to withstand high wind speeds and snow loading. When you choose to invest in a My Bifold lantern roof, you can rest assured that your home is well protected from the natural elements. 

Storm Shield Protection 

Strong winds and heavy rain storms can be a regular occurrence during the bitter British winter months and a My Bifold lantern roof is guaranteed to provide peak performance come rain or shine. During the stormy seasons, the triple layer storm shield protection will ensure your lantern roof continues to offer exceptional performance and doesn’t succumb to weather damage. The strong aluminium framework and high spec double glazing will keep your home warm and dry, even when Mother Nature is going wild outside. 

Reliable Strength 

Aluminium frames are visually appealing and have a sleek and modern appearance. However, you can rest assured that structural strength hasn’t been sacrificed for a stylish aesthetic. My Bifold lantern roofs provide the perfect blend of performance and style, allowing you to enjoy a stunning design that is built to offer exceptional performance for many years to come. 

High grade aluminium is known for its impressive strength while remaining lightweight and aesthetically pleasing. Whether the sun is shining or the wind is howling outside, the slim yet strong aluminium lantern roof frame will stay intact and keep your home at a comfortable temperature. 

Enhance Your Home With a My Bifold Lantern Roof Installation 

If you are looking for ways to bring more natural light into your home, look no further than a My Bifold lantern roof installation. We supply the market leading Stratus Thermal aluminium roof lantern, available in various designs and configurations. We work with a network of approved installers, and you can start your project today by requesting a free, bespoke quote.

To find out more about our premium roof lantern installations, contact the My Bifold team at 01522 516615 or fill out our online contact form


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