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Do Lantern Roofs Make Your Home Too Hot in Summer?

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If you are looking for ways to brighten up your home, a lantern roof could be the perfect solution. Lantern roofs are an amazing addition to any home; not only do they let more natural light into your property, but they make your home feel more spacious too. If you are considering a lantern roof installation but are concerned about temperature issues, we have got all the facts here for you. Do lantern roofs make your home too hot in the summer? Keep reading to find out. 

What Are Lantern Roofs?

A lantern roof can completely transform your property, letting natural light flood the inside of your home and open up the space. These roofs will not take up your whole ceiling space like a glass conservatory roof, and have a different shape to traditional, flat skylights. Lantern roofs are made with an aluminium frame and double or triple glazing panels. The roof is vaulted in place and can be positioned in the perfect position, making sure that gorgeous sunlight enters your home in all the right places. 

Lantern roofs are available in a variety of sizes. Whether you are looking to add one to a small extension or to the ceiling of your large kitchen or dining area, lantern roofs can be tailor made to meet your needs. 

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Do Roof Lanterns Make The Room Too Hot?

A lantern roof not only invites more natural light into your home, this glass roof can also heat up your space. The majority of homeowners would welcome more heat during the cold winter months, but higher temperatures can be a problem during the summer season. 

In the past, conservatories and homes with roof lanterns and skylights were prone to temperature control issues. Outdated glazing can not always offer effective temperature moderation and homes with these older models installed would feel too cold in the winter and become too warm in the summer. The good news is, glazing technology has improved significantly over the years and glass windows, doors and roofing systems are now able to offer successful temperature control throughout the year. 

At My Bifold, we supply aluminium and glazing products in the Lincoln area and our lantern roofs feature an intelligent design. You will not need to worry about your home becoming like a greenhouse in the summer because our lanterns are designed to provide reliable heat regulation. 

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When you are making it possible for more sunlight to enter your home, it is inevitable that some heat will make its way in, too. When you choose a modern lantern roof, you won’t need to worry about your home becoming too hot during the summer. Modern lantern roofs are designed with advanced glazing and are manufactured with contemporary temperature control features included. 

If you don’t want your home to become too hot in the summer, look for lantern roofs that are made with low-g glass. When glazing has a low g-value, this means it will only let through a small percentage of solar heat. In comparison, when you choose triple glazing instead of double, your roof lantern will offer better heat retention when it is needed. For the ultimate ‘all-weather’ lantern roof, choose a design with triple glazing and low-g glass. 

How To Keep Your Home Cool with a Lantern Roof Installation 

If you are still concerned that a roof lantern installation will turn your home into a giant oven throughout the summer, there are a few important factors to consider before settling on a specific product. 

Roof lanterns with the following features will provide better temperature moderation and keep your home cool in the summer: 

  • Automatic opening vent 
  • Roof lantern blind 
  • Reflective outer coating 
  • Built-in temperature regulation technology 

At My Bifold, we supply the Sternfenster Stratus Aluminium roof lantern. This design will ensure your home is getting all of the glorious natural light you want without making your space too hot in the summer. 

Another great feature of these lantern roofs is the thermal break included in the aluminium structure. We understand that you don’t want your home to become too hot in the summer, but a cold home in the winter isn’t ideal either. With the polyamide nylon glass composite thermal break, heat will not be lost through your roof and you can enjoy effective heat regulation all year round.   

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Lantern Roofs from MyBifold 

Lantern roofs can flood your home in stunning sunlight and create a brighter and more relaxing atmosphere in your property. With modern technology, there is no need to worry about your lantern roof installation making your home too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. 

If you are considering a lantern roof installation, give the expert team at My Bifold a call on 01522 516615 or fill in our online contact form. You can start your online quote today. Alternatively, find an accredited installer to begin your next home improvement project. 

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