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Secure Aluminium Bifold & Patio Doors

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October is National Home Security Month, an annual awareness campaign established by lock specialists Yale. Founded in 2013, National Home Security Month was developed to provide homeowners with up to date home security guidance and advice. Our homes are the safe space where we make special memories and keep all of our cherished belongings and keeping them well protected is of paramount importance. 

During NHSM 2023, campaigners will be sharing safety tips and valuable information on how you can protect your home from potential intruders and criminals. 

Aluminium bifolds and patio doors are a great way to enhance the performance and appearance of your home, but they can unfortunately make your property more appealing to thieves. The large glass doors can welcome more natural light into your home, but can also entice unwelcome eyes into your property and jeopardise your privacy. 

This NHSM, the experts here at My Bifold are sharing essential tips on how to best secure aluminium bifold doors and patio doors. Keep reading to keep your home, belongings and loved ones as safe as possible. 

How To Secure Bifold Doors:

If you are considering a bifold door installation, it is important that you choose a design that has been manufactured with home security in mind. BIfold doors are an attractive addition to any home and aluminium is strong enough to support large glazing panels. While floor to ceiling glass doors are visually pleasing, they are also considered an easy entrance point for potential thieves. 

To enjoy the attractive appearance of bifold doors and total peace of mind, choose a door design that features the following: 

  • Multi point locking systems - Lock picking is a popular break-in technique but multi point locking systems can make it virtually impossible for thieves to gain access to your home. Multi point locks often contain three deadbolt locks and make it so any potential ‘weak spots’ are removed from the entire door frame. If you want to sleep easy at night, multi point locking systems are a must have for your bifold doors.

  • Toughened safety glass - Aluminium bifold doors are strong enough to support several large panes of double or triple glazing. The expansive glazing is a great way to brighten up your living space but can also be considered as an easy target. Choosing bifold doors with toughened safety glass will boost your home security as this type of glazing has been manufactured to offer superior strength - it is said to be almost entirely indestructible. In the extremely unlikely event that an intruder manages to break the glass, it will shatter into hundreds of tiny pieces and be less likely to cause any harm.

  • Secured by Design accreditation - Secured by Design is a police approved initiative, where windows and doors are tested to the highest security standards. Bifold doors with SBD accreditation have been manufactured and designed to comply with police approved standards for safety and crime prevention. If you want to install the safest aluminium bifold doors available on the market today, look for products that have been awarded the Secured by Design approval. 

If you already have a bifold door installation and are looking for ways to boost your existing home security, here are our top tips: 

  • Fit an alarm to your doors 
  • Add security lighting outside 
  • Consider dressing your doors with blinds and curtains to protect your privacy 
  • Regularly check locks and handles are working correctly 
  • Perform occasional inspections of the frame to assess any damage or potential weak spots 

Patio Door Security Tips

Patio doors are another effective light boosting solution for homeowners. With these sliding glass doors in place, your home will feel both brighter and more spacious. Where bi fold doors open in a folding motion, patio doors function by sliding on horizontal tracks. Aluminium is stronger than uPVC and can be used to create slim door frames, while supporting large glazing panels. Patio doors are a beautiful way to enhance the appearance and performance of your home, but like bifolding doors, they can draw intruders to your property like a moth to a flame. 

When purchasing patio doors, follow the same advice as above. Look for profiles that are built with multi point locking systems, toughened glass and are Secured by Design approved. If you want to maximise your home security and keep intruders away from your patio doors, here is our expert advice: 

  • Deter intruders by adding gravel or ‘noisy ground’ to your patio/garden 
  • Install security lights and cameras 
  • Hang curtains or blinds for added privacy 
  • Consider installing a sliding door lock or security bar 

Whether you choose aluminium bifold or patio doors to improve your property, it is essential that you take your home safety into consideration before making a purchase. At My Bifold, our bifold doors are available with security hook bolt locks and our patio doors feature robust multi point locking systems. 

Enjoy stylish and secure doors, and total peace of mind when you invest in a My Bifold installation,

Upgrade Your Home With My Bifold Aluminium Doors 

At My Bifold, we have been supplying and installing doors across Kent, Nottingham, London and the surrounding areas for over 40 years. We bring homeowners some of the best aluminium home improvement products available on the market today and work with a network of experienced installation professionals. 

We offer homeowners energy efficient and durable aluminium bifold doors, as well as weatherproof and secure patio doors. To learn more about My Bifold products and installations, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team today!  

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