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Save Money On Energy Efficient Aluminium Doors

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When it comes to doors, modern homeowners are spoilt for choice. There are doors available on the market today to suit every property style and every homeowner’s individual design preferences. Contemporary entrance doors can be made from a wide range of materials, including uPVC, stainless steel and aluminium. 

Each type of door has its own pros and cons, but if your customers are looking for a multi-benefit, energy efficient profile, they are going to want to learn more about our aluminium designs. 

My Bifold, an extension of Sternfenster, specialises in aluminium home improvement solutions, and our experts are here to share exactly how installing aluminium doors can benefit both your customers' home and their bank balance. 

Benefits Of Aluminium 

Aluminium windows and doors have been taking the home improvements industry by storm over recent years. While contemporary uPVC has many benefits and is still a popular choice for homeowners today, aluminium offers superior strength and durability. 

The price tag is often on the higher side, but aluminium doors are worth every penny. Here are some of the key benefits of aluminium: 

  • Lightweight - Aluminium frames are light and can be installed quickly and easily. 
  • Slim yet strong - When used for windows and glass doors, aluminium frames can be designed into slim sightlines. These thinner frames can maximise views, while also maintaining unrivalled structural strength. 
  • Durable - Aluminium is weather resistant and strong, capable of providing long term performance. 
  • Versatile - Thanks to its strength, aluminium can be shaped into various shapes and designs. WIndows and doors made from aluminium can offer unique aesthetics, with no compromise made to their overall performance. 
  • Environmentally friendly - Aluminium is non toxic and 100% recyclable. This material is considered to be one of the ‘greenest metals’ on earth and aluminium can be recycled an infinite number of times.  

3 Ways Aluminium Doors Can Save Homeowners Money 

Aluminium is the perfect solution for window and door manufacturing. Not only does this material have a sleek and contemporary appearance, it has countless performance benefits too. Aluminium doors are often more expensive than uPVC designs, but they are an investment that can help homeowners to save more money in the future. 

Here at My Bifold, we are aluminium experts and have seen our doors grow in popularity over recent years. Here are just 3 ways that our high grade aluminium doors can help homeowners to save money:

Energy Efficient Design

Aluminium doors are known for their impressive levels of energy efficiency. With heating bills on the rise, there has never been a better time for homeowners  to invest in doors that can boost the thermal performance of their home. 

The Visofold 1000 aluminium bifold door profile features a polyamide bridge, making it possible for the frame to achieve high standards of thermal efficiency. Thanks to the energy efficient design, homeowners can keep their central heating off for longer and enjoy cheaper energy bills as a result. 

The aluminium frames of our patio and bifold doors effectively increase heat retention. During the cold winter months, hot air will stay inside of a property and cold draughts will be kept outside where they belong. Compared to other profiles available on the market today, the Visofold 1000 bifold door and Visolglide patio door are able to offer unrivalled levels of thermal efficiency. 

Low Maintenance Materials 

As well as being energy efficient, aluminium is low maintenance and easy to care for. This durable material is weather resistant and boasts impressive levels of structural strength. Patio and bifold doors made from aluminium are strong enough to withstand the poor British weather conditions and will stay looking and performing their best come rain or shine. 

Homeowners can count on their aluminium doors to offer reliable protection against the natural elements. This strong yet low maintenance material will not suffer from weather damage, allowing homeowners to save money on repair work in the future.  

Built To Last 

Your customers may think uPVC is the better option, considering the cheaper cost, but this isn’t always the case. uPVC has many benefits but when it comes to longevity, aluminium takes first prize. Due to the materials strength and durability, aluminium doors can stay in top condition for decades. When properly looked after, aluminium windows and doors can last for over 40 years. 

The initial expense of aluminium doors should not deter homeowners because they are built to last, and will not need to be replaced or repaired for many years to come.

Improve Homes With My Bifold Aluminium Doors 

My Bifold is a home improvements company based in the UK, We enhance homes in London, Kent and the surrounding areas with high quality aluminium products. We work with a network of approved installers to ensure homeowners achieve the renovation of their dreams. 

We are proud to supply our products to trade and install the market leading Visofold 1000 and Visoglide aluminium profiles from Smart. We supply our trade partners with premium quality, energy efficient bifold doors and also offer an exceptional aluminium patio door range.  

To learn more about our aluminium doors, contact our team today. If you want to start your home improvements project right away, use our online tools to request a quote or find a local installer. 

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