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Roof Lanterns for Orangeries

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Are roof lanterns right for orangeries? It turns out that orangeries look even more elegant with roof lanterns. A roof lantern is a traditional part of an orangery - it's a vaulted glass skylight that elevates the ceiling of the build. Because of this, a roof lantern is a key part of the shape of an orangery. With one of these designs, you'll complete the look of your new space.

However, you'll also elevate how it performs. Modern roof lanterns have advanced double glazing and durable materials, meaning they can offer superb insulation. Roof lanterns are strong and secure for orangeries, too, keeping you safe in your new space from intruders. And, with a fully weatherproof design, roof lanterns can keep the elements at bay while letting warm natural light into your home.

Roof lanterns, then, are the ideal fit for orangeries. And, with my^bifold, you can get the ideal roof lantern design for your home. We use premium-grade aluminium in our roof lanterns, making them 65% more thermally efficient than other designs. And, with our slimline design and full double glazing panels, you can make your orangery completely connected to nature.


Do Roof Lanterns Work for Orangeries?

Orangeries are unique designs for your home. An orangery combines the glazing you'd find in a conservatory with more solid materials, such as brickwork. As a result, they usually have solid roofs and glazing sections, meaning you get a balance of light and warmth. However, roof lanterns are a classic addition to these spaces, ensuring the sun can shine down on your space while you stay warm and comfortable.

Aluminium roof lanterns allow you to achieve a precise level of lighting and heating control. You'll allow natural light to enter your home in a concentrated way, meaning you won't have to deal with uncomfortable glare on hot summer days. And, with aluminium support beams across the roof lantern, you'll be able to reflect heat away from your home in summer as well as insulating it in winter.

Roof lanterns also give orangeries their traditional shape. Unlike a skylight, which is flat, roof lanterns are vaulted designs that extend the roof of your orangery upward. As a result, you get a classic shape with modern performance in your orangery. Not only that, it'll give your home a centrepiece that draws attention inside and outside of your property.


Benefits of Roof Lanterns for Orangeries

Roof lanterns can improve the performance of modern orangeries. Firstly, you'll be able to light up your space precisely how you want to. You can install your roof lantern centrally and pick the ideal size to let the right amount of light inside your home. With a solid roof surrounding it, you'll get total protection from UV rays and glare while minimising the greenhouse effect.

Roof lanterns are also weatherproof designs. Because of this, you don't have to get a thin glass roof to enjoy nature. We use advanced double glazing panels and premium-grade aluminium in our designs that won't weaken for decades. Because of this, you can rely on your roof lantern to open up your home to nature without exposing your build to it.

Finally, our aluminium roof lanterns are thermally efficient. Instead of having an area you'll struggle to use in summer or winter, you can create a room you can enjoy all year round. We make sure our aluminium roof lanterns are 65% more efficient than others on the market, meaning you can save more money on your energy bills and make a better investment over time.


my^bifold Roof Lanterns for Orangeries

If you want to install roof lanterns for orangeries, there are plenty of designs available. At my^bifold, though, we've committed ourselves to set the benchmark. It's why our roof lanterns lead the industry for energy efficiency and strength. Not only that, we believe in designing bespoke roof lanterns, which is why you can customise our designs to suit your home.

Our roof lanterns are perfect for orangeries, with double glazing that can keep you comfortable throughout the year and weather-tight aluminium profiles. However, the design creates a stunning centrepiece for your home too. Our designs have a 20-degree pitch and discreet cappings for a crisp look and a ridge that's 66% smaller than other options for better views of the sky above.

At my^bifold, you can make a better investment in roof lanterns for orangeries, too. Our designs are available at competitive prices for your home, helping you save money straight away. However, our designs are also thermally efficient enough to save you money on your energy bills for years to come. As a result, our designs can keep helping you save for decades!

Roof Lanterns for Orangeries Prices

If you want to know more about how roof lanterns are great for orangeries, contact my^bifold today!

Our friendly team can ask any questions you leave us via our online contact form. And, if you want to add one of our roof lanterns to your orangery, you can get a quote for a bespoke design in seconds with our online quote builder!

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