How to Measure for Bifold Doors

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Do you know how to measure for bifold doors? If you want new bifold doors to replace your old ones, or you’d like to change another style of door for them, then getting the right measurements is key. It’s because bifold doors are made-to-measure designs, meaning they need the right fit to work perfectly. As a result, the right measurements can be the difference between doors that perform and doors that don’t.

Some installers recommend that you hire them to measure your bifold doors to be safe. However, that can be costly and makes the whole process of buying bifold doors more complicated. At my^bifold, we deliver bifold doors around the UK via approved installers. Because of this, you could opt to work with them to get bifold measurements for less, or you could even look to measure your bifold doors yourself.

If so, then the process is surprisingly simple. You’ll only have to take a few measurements to give your installers the right numbers they need to build your dream doors. And, with my^bifold, you’ll be able to install market-leading aluminium bifold doors from Smart. That way, you can make your home feel bigger and brighter with an entrance that can open into any room or your garden with ease.

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Measurements for Bifold Doors

Knowing how to measure for bifold doors is crucial. Without the right measurements, you could find that your doors turn up in the wrong size for your opening, leading to potential problems down the line. For example, there could be gaps around the profiles that allow cold air in, creating draughts and even damp spots. Not only that, the doors may be more prone to bad weather conditions, meaning the operation could quickly become clunky.

So, when you measure your bifold doors, it’s important to know how to take the right ones. You should take three width and three height measurements from your door, ensuring that you have a margin for error. It can help to take these measurements from different points around the aperture of your opening or your existing bifold doors. By doing this, you get a broader range of options to help you see what the true size of your doors is.

Once you take the measurements, it’s critical to leave a fitting tolerance. This will allow your installers to have a margin of error, and it ensures that you get doors that fit perfectly. Using a large spirit level, take the measurements and deduct 10mm, or half an inch, from the smallest width and height ones. From there, you’ll have the figures to give to my^bifold, who will manufacture your bifold doors bespoke to you!

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How to Measure Bifold Doors

So, how do you measure bifold doors step by step. Firstly, you’ll want to get accurate measurements of the aperture. You should use a large spirit level to measure the cross corners of the aperture, as this ensures that the opening of your bifold doors is straight and true. Once that’s done, take the three width and three height measurements of your door, deducting 10mm from the smallest of each as discussed.

From there, though, there are more steps you can take to measure for bifold doors. For example, you should take a note of the size of the threshold in your existing doors, or for the one you’d like in your new doors. The threshold of bifold doors determines how low the bottom rail is to the floor. With a lower threshold, you can make your bifold doors more accessible, creating a wide open entrance and helping wheelchair and pushchair users.

You should also consider how much room there is on either side of the opening. By doing this, you can make a well-informed decision as to which is the best way for your bifold doors to open. You can choose both inward and outward folding, and choosing the right option can help you benefit from a more open, accessible entrance. Make sure there’s enough space on either side for each panel to fold with no obstructions.

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Do You Have to Measure Bifold Doors?

If you know how to measure for bifold doors, you could save money on your installation. It’s because you won’t have to hire professionals to come to your home and take your measurements for you, meaning less disruption and hassle as well. However, if you’d rather play it safe, my^bifold has an Approved Installer Network. You can contact your nearest installers today and speak to them about measuring for your bifold doors.

At my^bifold, we believe in local. It’s why we leave our installations to companies that work in your area, as they’ll be the experts for your home. Not only that, big national installers often charge higher costs and unnecessary premiums to fit your bifold doors. With my^bifold, you can get our high-quality bifold doors across the UK, but with the prices you’d expect from a trusted local brand.

If you’re interested in fitting made-to-measure bifold doors in your home, get in touch with my^bifold today! You can start your online quote in a matter of minutes, or search for your nearest local installer using the search tool on our homepage.

And, for further information, you can contact our friendly team via our online form.

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