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How to Clean Roof Lanterns

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How do you clean roof lanterns? Roof lanterns are a standout addition to any home, so you always want them to look their best. However, roof lanterns go through a lot during the year inside your home. Wind and rain can drive at them, debris can end up resting on the surface, or dust and cobwebs could build up on the internal part of the lantern.

Because of this, roof lanterns do need a clean from time to time. But that's more true of older roof lantern designs which might use thinner materials. With a more flimsy roof lantern, you'll have less protection from the elements. Over time, wind and rain could find more ways to get inside your home, creating problems like dampness and mould. It's why knowing how to clean roof lanterns is so important, ensuring you can prevent these problems.

With my^bifold, though, you can find out just how easy it is to clean our roof lanterns. We manufacture and supply directly high-quality roof lanterns which are durable for your home. As a result, you won't have to clean them with any specialised equipment, nor will you have to do it often. Maintaining our modern roof lanterns will take no time at all!


Why Should I Know How to Clean Roof Lanterns?

Roof lanterns are a spectacular addition to any home. A roof lantern is a vaulted glass skylight that extends your ceiling upward, creating more space inside your home. However, the roof lantern has double glazing panels, which allow natural light from above to spread into your home as well. Not only that, you'll get stunning views of the sky above, making roof lanterns ideal as a backdrop for a dining area.

With my^bifold aluminium roof lanterns, you'll get a design with a ridge that's 66% smaller than average. Because of this slimline design, you can benefit from better sightlines of the sky. Additionally, we make sure to use premium-grade aluminium support beams in our design. Aluminium is exceptionally strong, meaning it'll perform brilliantly even in slimline shapes.

Our durable roof lanterns can deal with conditions outside for decades. However, they can become dirty inside. Over time, dust can build up in the ridges, while cobwebs could even emerge. And, if you have an older roof lantern, it may not be fully weatherproof, creating potential problems down the line. While roof lanterns are stunning designs, knowing how to clean roof lanterns is what keeps them that way.


How to Clean Your Roof Lanterns

Cleaning the inside of your roof lantern is fairly straightforward. If you get a my^bifold roof lantern, then you'll only have to clean it four or five times a year as well! An ideal way to start is by creating a clear area underneath the roof lantern by removing furniture from below it or placing a layer of material under it to catch any falling dirt and dust.

From there, you can get a duster and begin to clear any dirt from ridges inside the roof lantern, clearing out anything that's collected over time. Once that's done, it's time to clean the main section of the roof lantern. You should only need three things to do this - standard glass cleaner, mild washing up liquid, and a sponge. All you have to do is wash the glass and aluminium beams gently with the sponge, making sure it and the cleaning products are non-abrasive to avoid any wear.

Once you've scrubbed the glass panels and beams inside your roof lantern, the final step is to dry it. If you can, use a small microfibre cloth on the inside of the design to wipe away any suds and avoid streaking. Once that's done, you'll have a sparkling roof lantern with clean double glazing panels, meaning perfect views of the sky above your property!


How to Clean my^bifold Roof Lanterns

With my^bifold designs, you won't have to worry too much about how to clean roof lanterns. It's because our designs barely need cleaning at all. We use highly durable materials that can withstand weather conditions without showing visible signs of wear and tear. As a result, you can install your new roof lantern and leave it for months before you'll need to give it a clean.

Our aluminium roof lanterns are fully weatherproof, too. Because of this, gaps won't emerge for the weather outside of your home to cause problems inside it. Dampness and mould won't develop around your roof lantern, while our aluminium beams and double glazing panels won't weaken, stain or fade in any way for decades to come. You can rely on our modern roof lanterns to protect your home in all conditions.

So, if you're interested in knowing how to clean roof lanterns and where to purchase them, contact my^bifold today! Our friendly team can help you with any advice and information you need to make the right decision. From there, you can purchase our aluminium roof lanterns online directly from us, meaning no middlemen to go through to enhance your home. Use our online quote builder or fill in our online contact form today!

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