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How long does it take to Install Bifold Doors?

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How long does it take to install bifold doors? This can be a tricky answer when you consider the multiple factors that concern the installation of a bifold door. Such factors include where the bifold door is being installed (kitchen, living room, dining room, etc), the size and specifications of your bifold door (how many folds there are, additional security hardware) and the general fitting procedure (are you hiring an installer or going DIY?). As such, the simple question ‘how long does it take to install bifold doors’ does not always come with a simple answer. That is why we here at my^bifold will explore and discuss the aforementioned factors to help give homeowners like you a much better understanding of not only how long does it take to install bifold doors but giving you a greater depth into the process as a whole.

Size and Specifications of Bifold Doors

A contributing factor to the installation length of a bifold door is its size and specifications. Because we offer a multitude of features and options for our valued customers, installing a bifold door can vary as each door we provide is unique to the homeowner. Such features we offer range from high quality EPDM rubber gaskets and weather brushes, on top of utilising 28mm thick double glazed units that are for the function of making sure your bifold door performs to our high standards. Such standards include improving your home security, providing thermal efficiency that can help you save on your energy bills and provide protective weatherproofing. Whilst this can affect the installation time of your bifold doors, we want to make sure that your brand new property piece not only enhances the aesthetic of your home but the quality of life there too.

We also provide varying bifold doors that come with a different number of panels. Ranging from 1 panel to 8, each type of panelled bifold door comes in an even greater variety of sizes. Such dimensions can vary so much that it is simply is not possible to give a concrete answer when it comes to the question: ‘how long does it take to install bifold doors?’ On top of choosing the size and number of folding panels our valued customers get to choose from, they are also able to decide on what colours they want for their bifold doors. All of our aluminium products (including bifold doors) are available in a wide range of colours, from the standard KL range and RAL colours through the exclusive Sensation range of colours. This includes inside and out of the bifold door. We also offer a range of imitation woodgrain finishes that can evoke a wooden aesthetic whilst boasting the modern benefits of our aluminium frames, a perfect option for more traditional homes. Our aluminium finish is guaranteed for 10 years against peeling, powdering, blistering, corrosion, fading and loss of sheen.

Such specification of size, hardware and colouring can affect the lead time of your installation (which encompasses it). Lead times are the amount of time between the start of a process up until its conclusion (which is usually the completion of installing your customised bifold door). As such, your choice of colour (among many other things) can affect your lead time; for example, bifold doors in white are available in the shortest time, KL and Sensation coloured bifold doors take slightly longer, and dual colour coloured bifold doors take the longest.

DIY or Installer?

A key factor of how long does it take to install bifold doors is whether you are utilising an installer or installing your bifold door yourself. We offer installation services and can deliver our products to you straight from the factory, allowing you to install your new bifold yourself (if you feel confident in your DIY skills). The installation time between a professional bifold door installer and a homeowner can wildly vary; as such, a concrete answer for how long does it take to install bifold doors is not always possible.

As you can see, the question: ‘how long does it take to install bifold doors?’ is a simple query that can often have layered and complicated answers. With my^bifold we aim to help our valued customers and homeowners understand the variety of factors that go into the installation of a bifold door and how the length of time can be altered and influenced under these many factors. Such factors include the vast intricacies of both sizes and hardware specifications of a bifold door that concern the number of foldable panels, weatherproof and security features, colour customisation. How long it takes for a bifold to be installed is also influenced by whether a homeowner is hiring a professional bifold door installer or are taking the job on themselves with DIY. Whatever your method of tackling the installation, or choice of customisation, we here at my^bifold would argue that there is no one answer for the question: ‘how long does it take to install bifold doors?’ 

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