How Do Bifold Doors Save Space?

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One of the biggest benefits of bifold doors is that they save plenty of space. By design, bifold doors are very compact. They fold outwards, adding a minimalist feel to your home. Internal bifold doors are rising in popularity due to their space saving qualities, so we wanted to share some information on how they can help you make the most of your space. Read on to find out more.


Although they are popular as a conservatory door solution, bifold doors are useful in smaller spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens. In comparison to a standard single leaf door, your bifold door only requires half the space of a single leaf door, as they consist of two panels that slide from one side to the other. Bifold doors offer so much potential, they can be fitted anywhere and are an ideal replacement for a standard door or a refurbishing project.


Bifold doors are a high-performance and elegant door solution, which will enhance your home by giving it a sleek and modern style. They are also a great investment and will increase the market value of your property.


One way of saving space in your home is by installing a concertina door. This door is very compact because it folds outwards, while the advanced double glazing brings in plenty of natural light. The thin panels help the door take up less room, giving you the illusion of more space in your home. One benefit of a concertina door is that it can be installed in pairs, ensuring that it breaks up the room.


Bifold Doors

Another method you can choose is to install a pocket door. This is ideal for very small spaces because the doors are built into the wall. These doors are useful because they disappear when they fold into the wall, adding a minimalist and seamless look to your property.


Barn doors are very similar to pocket doors because they are small and compact. They are very easy to fit as they are versatile and can be used in lots of different ways. The doors can be used in kitchens or wardrobes to give a traditional feel. They come in a range of colours and styles, so you can tailor it to match your homes personality. The unique door is very easy to install and allow for easy access when you come in and out of a room.


Folded sliding doors can be used to open up different rooms in your home, letting sunlight and breeze flow into your room easily. They come with advanced double glazing as standard, with large panels that helps natural light enter your space. Double glazing is also a great sound insulator so it will block out any loud outside noises , resulting in a comfortable and quiet environment within your home. By adding additional security features such as window film, you can enhance the privacy of your home, which will be useful if you have a home office space.


Another way of saving space in your house is to include a sliding divider, giving you a minimalistic approach to your home. The dividers are flexible and convenient because they can separate two rooms if you need more space, helping you enhance and transform your home.


You can also upgrade your home with a bifold door for your conservatory or orangery. This is because these rooms benefit from being as transparent as possible. The double glazing creates a welcoming and positive living space because it brings in natural light but also offers a thermal efficient barrier, saving you plenty of money on your energy bills.  Or, if you want to increase the panoramic views of your home, then you can include a pared back bifold frame for a landscape view.


A bifold door won’t just help you save space, but it is customisable because you can include a low threshold option. This is ideal if you want to entertain guests because it created a seamless connection between the inside and outside of your home. The low threshold will help you eliminate trip hazards, boosting the connection to your property. Your home will be accessible with a large opening if you need it.


Another way of saving space in your home is including a corner post with your bifold door. This is because you can replace your walls with panels, so you have the choice of a moving or fixed post. A moving corner post will allow the door to retract, opening it up on two sides. However, a fixed corner post will ensure the door is fixed to the frame.


There are many ways you can save space with your bifold doors. At My Bifolds, we want to ensure that you save as much space as possible, so if you are stuck for ideas or need some help choosing get in contact with our friendly team on 01522 516615 to find out more.

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