Aluminium lantern roof prices

How Big Can A Roof Lantern Be?

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If you are considering enhancing your property with a roof lantern, you may be wondering how big a roof lantern can actually be. The answer here is pretty simple: roof lanterns can be as big as you need them to be, depending on where you plan to install them in your home. As roof lanterns increase in size, they may become more complex to fit and sometimes require planning permission. 

Aluminium lantern roof prices

Roof Lanterns

Recently, aluminium roof lanterns have become increasingly popular with homeowners across the UK. Differing in style from all other double glazing home improvements, these structures add elegant style to any home they are installed within. 

Thanks to their vast panels of double glazing and slim sightlines, roof lanterns, also known as lantern skylights, are a great way to add natural light to a dull room. Whether you have a conservatory, orangery or extension, aluminium roof lanterns can be installed to any part of your home that has a flat roof. They open up the ceiling, allowing natural light to flood the space while giving you beautiful uninterrupted views of the sky above.

As well as looking stunning, our roof lanterns are also 65% more thermally efficient than other designs on the market. Thanks to innovative thermal breaking technology, your home will be kept warm all year round after the installation of your new lantern. 

Our lantern skylights always feature a 20° pitch and discreet cappings. Alongside the modern aluminium frame, this creates a clean, sleek appearance. We offer a range of three designs in two RAL shades to homeowners across the UK. Our profiles can be made bespoke to your size preferences, ensuring that your new roof lantern can be as big as you require!

Bespoke Roof Lanterns 

For UK homeowners who want complete control over the design of their new addition and want to decide how big their new roof lantern can be, we offer our lantern skylights created bespoke to your needs.

With the choice of 2 way, 3 way and contemporary designs, we offer roof lanterns that can be made to different size specifications. This is important as roof lanterns are often installed as a decorative feature as well as a way to increase the levels of natural light within your property.

Many of our valued customers choose to have their lantern skylight installed over a centrepiece feature within their home. This may be a kitchen island, a dining table, swimming pool, pool table, entertaining place or firepit. As all of these things come in different sizes and shapes, it is important that we can offer large roof lanterns that will cover the entire area. If this is how you plan to use your roof lantern, it is essential that you measure the space accurately so that we can create your new addition to the correct measurements. 

How To Measure Roof Lanterns

To make sure that you order a lantern skylight that is the correct size for your home, we have put together a free guide to help you. Taking correct measurements is extremely important when deciding how big your roof lantern should be. You will need to provide us with the width and length of the area you plan to install to, taking into consideration the fact that the lantern must sit on a timber upstand. We recommend an upstand of 100mm wide x 150mm tall, and the width must be included in the measurements you provide us with.

For clarification:

  • Width = the actual opening size plus the width of the timber upstand on both sides.
  • Length = the actual opening size plus the width of the timber upstand on both sides.

The wrong measurements can lead to a lantern skylight that does not fit your property, so please make sure that your measurements are accurate. 

Roof Lantern Sizes

We offer three different lantern skylight designs, each with a maximum size. This maximum size is the limit of how big your roof lantern can be. 

2-Way Design

The 2-way design features elegant aluminium bars and vast panels of double glazing. The maximum size for this design is 1500mm x 6000mm.

3-Way Design

Our 3-way aluminium lantern skylight features the highest number of bars. This creates a beautiful, complex lantern structure. Sure to wow guests, this design comes in the largest maximum size at 3000mm x 6000mm. This is due to the higher number of aluminium bars being able to support larger portions of glazing.

Contemporary Design

Our most minimalistic design available, the contemporary lantern skylight has the smallest maximum size of 1500mm x 3000mm. Featuring the least amount of bars, this design maximises the amount of natural light within your home. 

Planning Permission

As previously mentioned, the larger your lantern skylight gets, the more likely it is that you may need to consider the need for planning permission. Generally, lantern skylights do not need planning permission, but this does depend on where you live within the UK. If you live in a location with restrictions in place, such as an area of natural beauty, national park, conservation area, or own a listed building, it is best to get in touch with your local planning authority to check whether planning permission is required. 

If your local planning authority states that you do not need planning permission for the installation of a roof lantern, there are a few things you should check when considering a large lantern. If the roof lantern extends 150mm above the sloping pane of the existing roof, you may need additional planning permission. This is also the case if the lantern skylight is higher than the highest part of the roof. 

By working with an experienced installation team, such as My Bifold, you will not have to worry about breaching planning permission rules. No matter how large you choose for your aluminium roof lantern to be, we will always make sure that it meets any local authority standards and does not breach any regulations. 

aluminium roof lantern quotes

Roof Lantern Prices

If you are ready to get in touch with us here at My Bifold so that we can help you decide how big your new roof lantern should be, please give us a call on 01522 516 615 during opening hours. Our friendly team would be happy to answer any questions you may have, helping you decide which profile size would be best for your UK home.

You may also fill out our online contact form. By leaving as much detail here, as well as your measurements if possible, we will be able to speed the process up and get you booked in for your new home improvement as soon as possible!

To receive a free quote online, please take a look at our costing tool. Simple to use for all, it can be used from the comfort of your own home to browse our range of aluminium products. Tailor them to your needs and get an accurate price.


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