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When you choose a sliding door for your garden, you will benefit from a beautiful addition to your home. They are great at letting in lots of natural light and give you easy access to the outdoors. At my^bifold, we offer a range of doors to choose from, but you might be wondering how they can be made more secure. Read on to find out more.

We understand that security is significant in every home because no one wants their home accessed by intruders. Because of this, our sliding doors offer many security benefits, to give you and your family peace of mind and keep you safe. Our slding doors come with advanced double glazing which protects you from any robust knocks. The glazing is fitted tightly within the frame, so tools cannot be used to gain unauthorised entry.

It is essential that, like the glass, your frames are secure as well. This is because strong frames are harder to break through than frames with a weak point. The frames are resistant to damage such as wind, rain, or hail. This way, your home will be stronger and safer.

Adding full length curtains to your sliding doors can make a huge difference to your home security because potential intruders won’t be able to look inside your house. This will help you feel confident that you and your family will stay protected. It is also imperative that your doors are locked for you and your families’ safety. One in three homes are burgled because doors are left unlocked. If you are not using the door, it is essential that it is kept locked.

A three point locking system will make your door even more secure than it otherwise would be. An ideal situation would be to have dead bolts secured on the top and bottom of every door. This way, they will be firm, ensuring that intruders won’t be able to force them open. You can even choose extra security locks for your patio doors which will bolster your home security.

Upgrading your door latch is a great security solution. Standard latches lack quality and can grow weaker over time, making it less secure. With upgraded hardware your home will be safer and you can be at ease.

Secure Sliding Doors

Another way you can make your door secure is by adding an alarm sensor to your property. Most alarm systems come with entry sensors which detect if an intruder is nearby. If someone attempts to force the door open, the alarm sounds and you will be alerted. Similarly, if an intruder attempts to break the glass, then the sensor will notify you.

If fitted with very slim frames, a sliding door could have weak points. In this case, it is a good idea to invest in extra security for your door. If you are concerned about burglars exposing your patio door easily, you can invest in security pins which will stop the burglar from removing the sliding door from the track. It works by drilling two holes into the door frame, then fit a hardened steel pin between them. That way, it bolts the doors together.

An easy way of looking after your door’s security is through maintaining the door regularly. For example, when debris or moss gets caught in your patio door, it goes off track, which could makes it easy for thieves to break in. Cleaning the door regularly will help significantly in keeping your home secure.

You could also consider investing in window film for added security. A window film is ideal because this will give you lots of privacy, and potential intruders will not be able to look into your home, dettering them from attempting to enter. Windows films are shatterproof and offer differnt features. Some windows films are designed to allow the homeowner to see out the windows whilst those outside cannot see in. It is important to keep in mind the different film styles, because some are more transparent than others.

A sliding glass door can also be reinforced with a security bar. This feature means the door cannot be opened, even if the lock is broken. Investing in this feature means you can feel confident that your sliding door will stay strong and sturdy for years to come. 

We hope that this article has provided you with some solutions on how to keep your home secure. At my^bifolds, our team are experts in door security, so if you have any questions please contact us on 01522 516615.

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