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Give Your Home A Makeover With Bifold Doors

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Give Your Home A Makeover With Bifold Doors


Now that the weather is finally starting to warm up, it’s time to think about all those home improvement projects that got put off over winter. When the days are dark and cold, you’re more likely to think about getting cosy and watching a movie than working on a new installation, but that’s not the case in spring. This is the part of the year when we like to shake the cobwebs off and get stuck into some fresh work. And if you’re looking for the best way to upgrade your home, a new set of bi-fold doors is just the thing. 

There’s a certain uplifting vibe during the spring and bifold doors are a great way to take advantage of it. If you want to seize the sunshine and bring it into your house, my^bifold can help you do so. Here are several reasons why our aluminium bi-fold doors are a perfect choice.

aluminium bifold doors

Brighten Up Your Home

There are multiple benefits to bi-fold doors, but arguably the most enticing is the extra light they let in. They have wider glazing areas than regular doors and more of their surface is glass. Consequently, they let in plenty of sunlight and this does wonders for your home. Your house will seem brighter and airier, and this can have a knock-on effect on your mental health too. The sun beaming into your house first thing in the morning can leave you feeling refreshed and optimistic.

On a related note, all that glass gives you great views of the outside world. The majority of bi-folding doors lead onto patios or gardens, giving you an uninterrupted look at the flowers coming into bloom and the trees turning green. Imagine starting your day by tucking into your breakfast and admiring a vibrant garden filled with tulips and you’ll get a good idea of why bi-fold doors are so appealing.


Entertaining Your Guests

It’s also worth remembering that spring is when we start socialising more often. Warmer days and longer evenings mean there are extra opportunities to host barbecues and garden parties, and bi-fold doors are ideal for expanding the social space. Opening your bi-fold doors creates a seamless link between the patio and the house, so your guests can freely move between the two and interact more. A wider, more spacious area will make the atmosphere calmer and friendlier. 

Additionally, our doors are easy to use. They open smoothly with no more than a push, gliding into place without any trouble. If the weather turns, you’ll be able to get everything inside and the doors shut snugly before the wind blows the paper plates away. 

The benefits of aluminium doors

The Benefits Of Aluminium

Aside from this, our aluminium bi-fold doors also offer exceptional security. There’s a common misconception that the extra glass makes them a weak point and vulnerable to exploitation by opportunistic burglars. This isn’t accurate. The glass is double-glazed and is exceptionally tough, so any potential intruders will have a hard time getting in. 

The same goes for the metal structure. Aluminium is a comparatively lightweight metal but it’s also incredibly strong and resilient. The frames will resist any attempts at forcing them open. For extra peace of mind, our bi-fold doors are equipped with modern locking devices that are specifically designed to withstand break-ins. 

It’s not just potential burglars your doors will keep out. Aluminium bi-folding doors also form a reliable barrier against the worst that mother nature can throw at us. The high-quality EPDM rubber gaskets and weather brushes achieve incredible weatherproofing. They’ll keep severe winds and heavy rains at bay, ensuring your home stays warm and dry in the unpredictable UK climate. Aluminium offers exceptional thermal efficiency too, making it easier to maintain the temperature of your home. We still get the odd cold day during the spring but you won’t need to keep your central heating on constantly to stay warm. 

As one final advantage, aluminium allows us to make the frames thinner. This means that more space can be devoted to glass, letting in more light than other bi-fold doors on the market. The slender sightlines lend them a very stylish and modern appearance, giving your home a cutting-edge flair and perfect for impressing any visitors. 


For all these reasons, we think that bi-fold doors are the perfect choice for upgrading your home this spring. And you won’t find better options than with the highly customisable designs from  my^bifold. You can use our online quote builder to get bespoke aluminium bi-fold doors for your home, or you can get more information from our expert team via our online contact form.









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