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my^bifold offers the perfect bifolding external doors for your home. If you’ve been looking for a bright, bold new entrance, then our bifold doors are sure to be a brilliant addition. They have a unique folding design, where multiple panels of double glazing are able to stack on top of each other in the corner of the room when you open them. As a result, the whole door disappears to reveal an expansive entrance into any living area.

Bifolding external doors can offer a range of benefits. For example, they can open up your home to the outside world, allowing you to access your garden more easily. You can also benefit from market-leading aluminium profiles from Smart, giving you the strength and durability you need to protect your home from intruders and bad weather for decades. Finally, bifold doors can make your home warmer and even save you money on energy bills.

Bifolding external doors are perfect for making your home feel more spacious. And, with my^bifold, you can feel that new space with the perfect doors for your property. By installing some of the best bifold doors in the industry, we can help you make an excellent investment. And, with our Approved Installer Network, you can fit your perfect bifolding external doors with trusted local installers in your area, saving you money.

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Perfect Bifolding External Doors Configuration

One of the main reasons our bifolding external doors are a great choice is that the design is always a perfect fit. At my^bifold, we give you the chance to choose the ideal configuration for your home from a wide range of options. Our doors come with one to eight panels of double glazing in the design, and we’ll match your new design to the aperture you have. We can also go below 700mm on the door sash width for a sleek, slimline shape.

No matter which profile you choose for our bifolding external doors, it’ll be made from the same material. We use aluminium frames from Smart, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers, to give your bifold doors a strong outer frame. Smart’s Visofold 1000 aluminium profile is perfect for bifolding doors, operating smoothly for decades without wearing down or warping out of shape. This innovative design makes our bifolding doors perfect for any room, but uniquely suited to external doors.

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Durable Bifolding External Doors

As we use aluminium profiles in our bifolding external doors, they’re a highly durable design. Aluminium as a material requires very little upkeep to perform for decades. Unlike some materials which wear down in bad weather, including wood, aluminium doesn’t crack, twist, rot or fade in any conditions. As a result, your doors keep their strength and their shape, meaning you won’t have to worry about any regular maintenance.

The main reason for why our bifolding external doors last so long is their weatherproof design. We use high-quality EPDM rubber gaskets and weather brushes in our doors, preventing wind and rain from getting into your home. We also use 28mm double glazed units, improving the insulation of your home along with its strength. Our bifolding external doors can come with head vents as well, meaning you’ll ventilate your home more easily in the summer.

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Spacious Bifolding External Doors

By installing bifolding external doors for your home, you can also make your living space feel a little bigger. You can replace a wall of your home with these external doors, meaning you can turn your living room into a front-row seat to nature. Our bifolding doors can reach dimensions as high as 8050mm wide, meaning they can be as large as nearly any wall in your property. Not only that, aluminium profiles can come in more slimline shapes, creating better sightlines and allowing more light in.

Our bifolding external doors are also easy to get through for everybody. It’s because our doors have an aperture that stays at least 90% open, perfect for making your home feel bright and airy. We also offer a standard threshold with an up stand of 49.5mm and a low threshold of 15mm. Our low threshold option makes your bifolding external doors accessible for wheelchair and pushchair users, helping everybody enjoy your home.

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my^bifold Bifolding External Doors

If you think our bifolding external doors sound like the ideal addition to your home, then get in touch with my^bifold today. We can offer our doors through our Approved Installer Network, meaning that you can work with trusted traders in your area you can rely on. Rather than install our doors ourselves, driving up prices, we help you keep costs low by working locally. That way, you get great value across our range of bifolding external doors.

With our Visofold 1000 aluminium profiles, our doors are sure to stand the test of time. And, with my^bifold, you can customise these designs fully to create a unique addition for your living space. You can choose from bespoke colours, finishes, accessories and hardware to craft external doors that reflect the personality of your home. Whether open or closed, our bifolding external doors perform for and elevate your property’s presence.

To find out more about our bifolding external doors, fill in our online contact form to ask our team any questions. And, to see how much you could save, start your online quote today to get a bespoke price estimate in minutes!

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