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my^bifold can offer some of the most competitive exterior sliding door prices on the market. And, with a new sliding door, you could save money over choosing another entrance. If you’ve been looking to enhance your home with a brand-new door, then you might have been looking at bifold doors. However, while bifold doors may have more glazing panels in their design, they’re also a lot more expensive.

Because of this, a sliding door is an ideal choice for the homeowner on a budget. You also don’t feel like you’re investing in a door that’s cheap. It’s because an exterior sliding door has a lot of the same benefits as a bifold door, with a fully glazed design that slides away to reveal a wide-open entrance to another room or even to your garden. Sliding doors are also just as customisable, meaning you decide exactly how you want them to look.

With my^bifold, you can invest in market-leading exterior sliding door designs at low prices anywhere in the UK. We offer designs from Smart, with their Visoglide profile offering excellent thermal efficiency, security and durability. Not only that, you can choose flat-packed doors if you’d like to install them yourself and save money, or you can get a fully assembled option to make fitting your doors even easier. As a result, you stay in complete control of the prices with us.

exterior sliding door prices

Benefits of Exterior Sliding Doors

Exterior sliding doors are a great way to open your home to your garden. Sliding doors operate using tracks at the bottom of the doors, meaning the system can slide across rather than swing out. As a result, an exterior sliding door doesn’t have a swing arc, meaning it can save space inside your living room and even reduce the risk of people getting hurt by them. By saving space inside your home, you’ll also give your living room the illusion of brand-new space thanks to the design of exterior sliding doors.

An exterior sliding door is almost fully glazed, with slimline aluminium profiles surrounding the glass. Your doors will allow in vast amounts of natural light, helping you enjoy a brighter, warmer and more comfortable home. You can also invest in sliding doors with a standard double track with a width of 99mm or stunning triple tracks with 155mm. With these options, you have the flexibility to decide how your doors open, and they’ll have a wider, more accessible opening.

Exterior sliding doors, then, are perfect as an opening to the outdoors or a vast space like a conservatory. However, they’re just as useful when you close them, too. Sliding doors have double glazing as standard, along with aluminium profiles that have a polyamide bridge to keep heat inside your home while insulating it from the cold air outside. As a result, these doors can keep you warm all year round, saving you money on bills while even securing your home from burglars and intruders.

exterior sliding door vs bifold door prices

Exterior Sliding Door vs Bifold Door Prices

An exterior sliding door will have some of the most cost-effective prices you can get on the market. But how does the cost of sliding doors compare to bifold doors or even other options like French doors? All three options do roughly the same thing, offering an expansive entrance to any space in your home. However, sliding doors are more functional than French doors, making them a better investment, while they offer more bang for your buck than bifold doors.

French doors are double doors, meaning they open in two halves to provide a wider opening. However, these doors still have a swing arc, have smaller glazing panels, and don’t offer as much natural light and warmth as an exterior sliding door can. While you can usually get French doors for lower prices, you won’t get the same level of performance and quality. Sliding doors also have a sleeker, more modern design that’s sure to lift the look of your living space.

Alternatively, bifold doors offer a more flexible opening and better overall performance. But, compared to exterior sliding door prices, bifold doors can be a lot more expensive. Sliding doors provide similar benefits, too, such as multi-point locking mechanisms to keep you and your family safe and aluminium profiles that are fully weatherproof to last for decades. As a result, you’ll get similar performance for a similar length of time - your exterior sliding door will just have lower prices!

exterior sliding doors

Exterior Sliding Door Prices from my^bifold

At my^bifold, we think our exterior sliding door designs shouldn’t have eye-watering prices. It’s why we offer affordable quotes for our range of sliding doors, and we also make sure you can invest in market-leading designs with us. We’re proud to offer sliding doors from Smart Architectural Aluminium, whose high-quality Visoglide series of sliding doors is among the best around. Our doors are a British Standard Kitemarked design as a result, and they are PAS24:2012 and Document L compliant for your peace of mind.

If you want to find exterior sliding door prices today, you can also get a quote from us in minutes. All you have to do is enter your details, and we’ll help you get a personalised price for the sliding doors you want. And, if you’d like to find out more about our doors, you can always get in touch with our friendly team. Just fill in our online contact form to get answers to any questions you have!

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