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Can Bifold Doors Fit Round Corners?

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Homes across the UK are built in all sorts of shapes, sizes and angles – not all of them easy to furnish. If you find that your home has an awkwardly shaped room, it can be hard to find the right doors, windows or furniture. In these situations, it can be even harder to find the right back door and you may find yourself wondering whether bifold doors can fit round corners. The short answer is yes, bifold doors can be made to fit most opening shapes and sizes!

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What Are Corner Bifold Doors?

Corner bifold doors are a modern phenomenon and one of the fastest growing double glazing trends among homeowners across the UK. Named quite literally, corner bifolds are where bifold doors are designed to fit round corners. This involves either a floating corner or post for structural support. Whether you need a post or not depends on many factors, including the build of your property.

Corner bifolds are a brilliant way to open up your home, creating a seamless connection with your outdoor area. Your home will feel as though it is part of the garden, making for the perfect outdoor living situation. While open corner bifolds fit right in with the contemporary aesthetic of modern properties, they also look stunning in traditional homes. Contrasting against the conventional build of your property, you get a true wow-factor. 

With the installation of L shaped bifold doors, you get to experience the same benefits of traditional bifiold doors, plus more. With such large panels of glazing, your home will flood with natural light. Natural light is known to make your home feel bigger and brighter, and even more so with L shaped bifolds since they essentially replace two solid walls instead of one. 

You will also benefit from improved thermal efficiency. Featuring modern thermal break technology, our bifold doors are brilliant insulators. They work to help your property trap heat throughout even the coldest of months, leading to a reduction in central heating. Experience cheaper heating bills saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint. 

Your new doors will also be incredibly secure. Featuring innovative multipoint locking technology, a strong aluminium frame and advanced glazing our bifold doors are impenetrable. Where your corner bifolds meet in the middle the highest quality locks will be used to ensure they cannot be used as a point of weakness. 

Floating Corner Bifold Doors

Floating corner bifolds are preferred by many thanks to the uninterrupted space and views they allow for. With an open corner, you can expose an entire area of your property making it feel as though it is part of your outdoor area. Also known as moving corners or frameless corners, this option is perfect for properties with large patio areas, allowing for alfresco dining and panoramic views. Even if your room is smaller, an L shaped bifold can completely transform it. What was once an unusable, dark space will become open and bright. 

Corner Bifolds With A Post

Corner bifold doors with a fixed post work similarly to the floating corner variant, however a structural post is used to help support the corner. This post is usually located at the right angle of the room, where the doors would meet. Although the post does not allow for as smooth of an opening, it is the perfect solution for older properties that do not have the correct structural support in place for a floating corner. While the main function of this post is to provide the structural support needed, in some cases an additional post may also be required. A structural engineer will be able to let homeowners know what is needed for their property when completing the survey before installation. 

Aluminium corner-bifold Doors - windows

Is Planning Permission Required For Corner Bifold Doors?

Although planning permission is not required when installing bifolding doors to a property, it may be necessary if you are adjusting an opening or creating a new opening from an existing solid wall. This all depends on where you within the UK and the regulations your local authorities have in place. If you live in a listed property, it is most likely that planning permission will be required. This is commonly the case even if you already have bifold doors within your property. 

This being said, employing a structural engineer is essential if you plan on creating corner bifold doors. A structural engineer can carry out a survey, assessing your home and making calculations. They will be able to let you know whether L shaped bifold doors as a possibility, and whether the home will need a corner post or not. More often than not, rolled steel joists are needed above both sides of the opening in addition to a structural post in the corner. 

Are Corner Bifolds More Expensive?

Open corner bifold doors cost varies depending on the amount of work that will need to be carried out to a home before installation. The price of the bifolds is no different to when they are purchased for a conventional installation. It is the additional building work and preparation that increases the price of the project. 

If you are a homeowner looking to get a quote for corner bifold door costs, please use our find an installer tool to find your trusted local installer. After getting in touch, they can assess your situation and provide you with a price. 

Do Corner Bifolds Add Value To A Property?

L shaped bifolds are a sure way to add value to your home. Although sometimes expensive to install, they are a highly cost efficient renovation. Should you ever choose to sell and move to a new house, your property will be worth much more than what you bought it for. This is due to the style and aesthetics that these doors add to any home they are installed within. 

Any potential buyers will be completely stunned when visiting your property, and it will truly make your house stand out on the market among many others. Make an investment that will pay off both in the present and the future!

Corner Bifold Door Prices

If you are interested in a corner bifold installation, whether as a floating corner or with a post, it is important to find a skilled installer. By using our find an installer tool, you can browse our network of installers, finding a company near you.

For a quote for supply only aluminium bifold doors, please take a look at our online quoting engine. Simple to use for all, this tool allows you to browse our full range of products, select one that meets your needs, and enter measurements. You will then receive a quote accurate to your specifications.

Alternatively, feel free to fill out our online contact form. By leaving as much detail as possible about what you are after we will be able to get back to you quickly with a solution. You may also call us directly on 01522 516 615. Our team would be more than happy to help.

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