Bifold Doors vs Sliding Doors

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Should you get bifold doors or sliding doors for your home? Both of these doors are quite similar, meaning they can be hard to choose between at first. Bifold doors and sliding doors function on in-line sliders, meaning you can push or pull them along their tracks to open them. Not only that, they both have the option of uPVC and aluminium frames and are almost fully glazed.

However, you'll notice the difference between bifold doors and sliding doors as soon as you open them. While sliding doors go across fully, bifold doors fold in on themselves. Bifold doors have multiple double glazing panels, whereas sliding doors have two panels - if not one. As a result, bifold doors are often a more expensive option, as this opening system gives them more flexibility.

But which one is right for your home? Bifold doors and sliding doors can both open your home up to nature but have wildly different prices and customisable options. Whichever you want, though, you can get them for less with my^bifold. We offer bifold doors and sliding doors from leading manufacturers and at competitive prices that you'll love!

What are Bifold Doors?

Bifold doors have multiple panels of double glazing in their design, making them different to sliding doors. Instead of the whole door coming away, each panel folds in on itself. As a result, the door concertinas into the corner of the room, leaving a wide-open entrance to your garden. Also, the slimline aluminium profiles ensure you get brilliant views of the outdoors even when the doors are closed.

At my^bifold, we stock the Visofold 1000 series of aluminium bifold doors for your home. With durable aluminium profiles, leading security hardware and EPDM rubber gaskets and weather brushes, these doors are brilliant in all areas. And, thanks to the weatherproof aluminium design, you'll get a smooth operation for thousands of uses in a door that could last for 50 years?

However, bifold doors can be quite expensive additions to your home. With the sophisticated folding design, there are more parts to pay for in the build. However, bifold doors can help you save enough money over time to pay your investment back. Our doors are thermally efficient, meaning you can stay warm while spending less on your central heating!

What are Sliding Doors?

Sliding doors, on the other hand, usually have a fuller panel of double glazing. While this could give you better sightlines of your garden, sliding doors aren't as flexible as bifold doors. Bifold doors, for example, can work well as a partition, diving larger spaces up into smaller, more private ones. Sliding doors, on the other hand, are much more open designs.

But the main benefit of sliding doors is their cost. Sliding doors can cost around half the price of bifold doors in some cases, and you still get excellent thermal efficiency. Not only that, but my^bifold also supplies the Visofold 1000 series of sliding doors for your home, meaning your doors will have the same durable aluminium profiles.

Because of this, sliding doors might seem like a better investment for your home. However, sliding doors aren't as customisable as bifold doors can be. You can get bifold doors with as much as eight panels of double glazing, making them more expansive than sliding doors. As a result, bifold doors could have a greater impact on the way your home looks and feels.

Bifold Doors or Sliding Doors?

Bifold doors and sliding doors, then, are similar designs. But which is right for your home? If you want to enhance your home on a budget, then sliding doors make for a great investment. With their broad opening and fully glazed design, you can still bring your home closer to nature. Not only that, you'll get similar energy efficiency to help your home stay warm.

However, if you want to get the best doors for your home, bifold doors have an unrivalled design. Multiple glass panels and the folding opening means these doors could become a new centrepiece for your home. So, if you can afford them, bifold doors are a great option too. You'll get more ways to customise them to your needs as well!

But you can save money on both bifold doors and sliding doors when you get them from my^bifold. We offer market-leading designs for both doors, and we can provide them with competitive prices. Also, you can tailor them to your home with ease. At my^bifold, we make saving money on brand-new doors for your home simple and straightforward.

Bifold Doors vs Sliding Doors Prices

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