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Step by Step Bifold Door Installation Guide

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Aluminium bifold doors have soared in popularity over recent years. It is no surprise that these contemporary doors are a favourite amongst homeowners. They have a sleek design and have several performance benefits. Aluminium bifold doors seamlessly blend interior and exterior space, creating an undisturbed connection between your property and garden.

My Bifold works with Sternfenster to bring customers the best aluminium bifold doors on the market today. If you want to learn more about our installation process or are considering becoming an accredited installer, this step by step guide breaks down every stage of the process.

How to Install Aluminium Bifold Doors - Step-By-Step Guide 

bifold doors installation guide

Step 1 - Preparation 

Before removing the old door from a property, first measure the space available. It is important to remember that when measuring for a new door, you leave a 5mm expansion gap. Check that the space is safe and suitable for a bifold door installation and then check the size, style and condition of the new profile. It is important to check the size of the door against both the survey and aperture sizes. 

Step 2 - Remove the existing door 

To make removal of the old door as easy as possible, remove as much of the frame and hardware as you can. Once you have reduced the weight of the frame, use a drill to remove the hinges and then each door leaf. 

Break the bonds between the old frame and the wall by carefully running a sharp blade between the surfaces. Take the time to remove any fixings and then carefully remove the frame. Clean away old sealant and debris before moving onto the next stage. 

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Step 3 - Prepare and fit the cill 

Fill the end of the cill with silicone and securely fit the end caps to prevent moisture damage. Put the cill into position and check the level, use packers if it is not already straight. Remove the cill and add enough sealant to keep it secure. Now put the cill back in position and run a bead of silicone along the edge and cill upstand. 

Step 4 - Fit the new bifold door 

Remove the frame and corner protectors and then check the frame labels to ensure you are fitting the door in the right orientation. Carefully place the frame into the opening above the cill, keeping the door central and maintaining the 5mm expansion gap. Use a spirit level to plumb one side of the frame and then add two temporary fixings 150mm from each corner. 

Perform a pilot drill before securing the fixing into place. This stage is important as it prevents the thermal break from cracking. Do not tighten the fixings too much and place packers adjacently to each fixing point and span the full length of the frame. Once all parts are correctly tightened, the new bifold door frame should not distort during the rest of the installation process. Repeat these steps for the other side of the frame. 

Place the rest of the fixings at 600m intervals around the head and sides of the frame. Remember to tighten the original fittings during this step too. Take a moment to check the frame has been fitted square, plumb and level inside the opening. 

Install the handle into place and check the door operation. If the process has been successful, the door should glide freely. 

aluminium bifold doors installation guide

Step 5 - Glass installation 

Remove the glazing beading before installing the glass panes and clean away dust and debris. If the doors have a master traffic door, this will be 6mm narrower than the other glass panels. Insert a glazing packer onto a bridging packer and insert the first glass pane. There will be a gap between the glass and the packers but this is necessary. Glazing packers need to be inserted at the bottom corner of the hinge side and the top corner of the handle side to secure the glass in place. 

The above steps are known as the toe and healing process and are essential stages of a bifold door installation. Next, secure the packers in place with silicone and refit the glazing beads into the sash. Fit the short beads first and be careful not to scratch any as you install them into the correct position. Repeat the process for the next leaf, performing the toe and healing steps in the opposite order to the first leaf. 

Work your way along to the master traffic door and then fit packers around the lock. Once everything is in place, secure all the packers with silicone and refit all of the glazing beads. It is now time to check the operation of the bifold door and measure and fit the wedge gaskets. 

Once you have finished hanging and glazing the doors, you will need to seal the door both internally and externally. Next, fit the magnets which hold each leaf together when the door is opened. 

Step 6 - Complete installation 

The last step is to clean the internal and external working areas; remove any protection tape and clean the frame. Apply a smooth bead of silicone around the frame to secure it to the wall and fit the drainage caps. 

Finally, check the operation of the doors and make any final adjustments if needed. 

For a full video tutorial, watch this thorough installation demonstration available on the Sternfenster website. 

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Benefits of Aluminium Bifold Doors 

Now you know how to install these popular contemporary doors, let us share some of the reasons why our designs are so exceptional. Aluminium is strong and durable, but our bifold doors provide several other desirable benefits too. 

  • Beautiful aesthetic 
  • Customisable profiles 
  • Effective waterproofing 
  • High thermal efficiency 
  • Bespoke configuration 
  • Easy fold design 
  • Seamless connection between property and garden 
  • Safe and secure 
  • Low maintenance 
  • Long lifespan 

Choose My Bifold for Your Aluminium Bifold Door Installation 

At My Bifold, we offer market leading aluminium bifold doors in Lincoln, Nottingham, Birmingham and the surrounding areas. If you want to enhance the appearance and performance of your home with aluminium bifold doors, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Use our online quote tool to get a bespoke price for your dream bifold doors today. You can also find supply our range by buying our aluminium bifold doors right here on our website. Our contemporary door designs can flood your home with natural light and enhance the overall appearance of your living space. 

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