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If you have a dinner party for your guests, then a bifold door can give your home a feeling of elegance. A bifold door can be the perfect accompaniment to your garden because it folds out like a concertina, which makes it more compact. It brings your home together with nature and creates a wider entrance. Here at MyBifold, we give tips on making your door more inviting to guests.

Bifold Doors are perfect for your conservatory because you will benefit from their weatherproof profile. This is because it comes with advanced double glazing as standard, which ensures that your door will protect you from tough conditions in the long run. This is because they will stand firm against violent winds and heavy rain. What’s more, a bifold door will give you stunning sightlines which will give you clear panoramic views. The doors will bring light into your home easier, which is perfect if you want plenty of space for your guests. It will also connect you to your garden, giving your home a modern look.

What’s more, your home will stand out with a bifold door because it comes in various colours. This will help stamp your personality all over your home because you can go for a vibrant colour that stands out or even something that blends seamlessly into your property. This will help your door become more popular with visitors because you have free rein over how you design your door.


A bifold door will make your home much more secure because the advanced double glazing will deal with hard knocks or violent winds. This means that if the weather is rainy, it won’t ruin your gathering because your guests will be able to stay indoors. The double glazing is also perfect for insulating the sound because if you want some privacy in your conversations, then the thick panes of double glazing can separate the indoors and outdoors easier. Moreover, the doors also offer fantastic views of your garden because they give you glass panels up to 1.2 metres wide. This will give you outstanding garden views and leave your guests amazed.

If you are a homeowner looking for an easier way for guests to enter and exit your property, then a bifold door is perfect because it is unique. The door folds like a concertina, making it compact and easy to open and close. This will help you bring fresh air into your home and open up your door to your garden. You will benefit from a flexible opening system, and a low threshold option will allow wheelchairs and prams to get into the garden. If you have children, a low threshold option will also help avoid trip hazards.

As previously mentioned, a bifold door is perfect for those summer gatherings because it can let natural light into your home. Natural light is a perfect mood booster because by letting in more sunlight, you and your guests will benefit from a positive and welcoming space, enhancing any summer event. For instance, the door will open up fully if you have a barbecue, ensuring that drinks and food will be brought to your area without any hectic run-ins or tight squeezes.

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But a bifold door isn’t just ideal for welcoming friends. If you want to welcome family members into your home, the beautiful garden views will create an excellent atmosphere if you want drinks in the sun. A bifold door is great for opening your living space because you will benefit from entertaining guests indoors, and then you can go outside and enjoy further drinks in the garden.

Summer can lead to scorching hot temperatures, but one thing that makes the bifold doors stand out is their thermally efficient glass and frames. This lets a cool breeze inside your home, saving you money on your energy bills. Furthermore, this gives you a choice on how much or little ventilation you want to let in. This is perfect because your guests won’t suffer from the overpowering heat.

We hope this article helped you give tips on making your doors more inviting to guests and help you be the perfect host. If you want more information, call us on 01522 516615, and our friendly team will be here to help you with any queries.

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