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Are Roof Lanterns Cold?

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Are roof lanterns cold? A common misconception among homeowners is that roof lanterns can be cold, especially when added to conservatories, orangeries or extensions. The idea that instead of a solid roof, a glass roof lantern can invite cold air into the extension, making it unbearably uncomfortable and chilly during the colder seasons. In actuality, it is the very opposite of this misunderstanding. Roof lanterns can provide unparalleled thermal efficiency for your home, making your interior warmer and cosier.

Thermal Efficiency

Our aluminium roof lanterns are cutting-edge within the home improvement industry. Being up to 65% more thermally efficient than other aluminium roof lanterns. But how is it thermally efficient? Utilising the vacuum spaced gaps between the 24mm standard double glazed glass of the roof lantern, it traps and retains the natural heat inside your home by preventing the heat transfer through the aforementioned glass. This means that your interior stays warm and toasty even without the assistance of you having to switch on the central heating. This means that you can save money on the energy bill whilst enjoy a warm and cosy home, benefitting financially and comfortably. Such thermal efficiency is achieved through polyamide nylon, glass composite thermal breaks that allow them to achieve impressive heat retention throughout the year.


On top of being thermally efficient, another way to prove that our roof lanterns are not cold is their weatherproof qualities. Against the extremities of British weather, our roof lanterns are capable of resisting and prevailing against heavy rain, strong winds and continuous snowfall. Utilising premium grade materials such as our aluminium exterior that not only provides a high quality architectural look and finish. The prior mentioned double glazing also makes your roof lantern extremely resilient against harsh weather. Open up your home to the wonders of nature without the worst of nature entering your home, which includes the cold weather, keeping your property warm.

Modern Design

The modern design of our roof lanterns not only offers a stylistic, contemporary aesthetic to your home, but its up-to-date design allows it modern functionality to help keep your property from being uncomfortably cold. One overt example of this is the roof pitch of our roof lanterns. Fixed at 20 degrees all around, it ensures structural integrity in the face of continuous snow, heavy rain and strong winds. All this on top of leaving a discreet capping that grants a crisp and clean look. Enjoy the extra one-way privacy as from above your roof lantern will be pitched, negating any above onlookers the warm and cosy interior of your conservatory, orangery or extension. We also offer a range of designs that alter the number of glass panels on your roof lantern, such as 2-way or 3-way, granting more customisation and choice when it comes to how much double glazing, 20 degree pitch and natural sunlight you want for your property. All of this also ensures a warmer interior that lets you enjoy your home, conservatory, orangery and/or extension is comfort.

Are roof lanterns cold? We here at my^bifold we would wholeheartedly disagree. In fact, we strongly believe the opposite! Through the expert design of our roof lanterns, homeowners like you can enjoy an even warmer and cosier home with its amazing thermal efficiency, utilising modern hardware to trap and retain heat, as well as utilising a modern design that makes your roof lantern look sleek and stylish whilst offering weatherproof and pitched glass, offering the best in environmental protection and privacy.

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