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Are Roof Lanterns a Good Investment?

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Are Roof Lanterns a Good Investment?


Roof lanterns are an excellent way to add style to your home. Allowing light to flood in and with views of the sky, roof lanterns are a clever way of transforming a room. Although many people worry that roof lanterns are not as robust as a traditional solid roof, with My Bifold, roof lanterns are equally as durable. Roof lanterns are not only strong, but they also withstand the most extreme weathers. This article will explain exactly why roof lanterns are a good investment for your home. 


What Is a Roof Lantern?

Roof lanterns consist of glass roofs which act as feature. Whether they are fitted into a flat roof or a conservatory replacement roof, they create the illusion of a more spacious room. By filling your space with natural light, roof lanterns are incredibly attractive. Your home will feel bright, modern and well protected with the addition of glass roof lanterns. Because of this, roof lanterns really are a worthwhile investment.



If you are looking to enhance the security of your home, roof lanterns provide the safety you might be looking for. Crafted from premium aluminium profiles, roof lanterns are extremely strong. This allows them to hold the double glazing panels securely, promising top-quality durability. Despite their strength, roof lanterns still manage to look sleek thanks to their slim sightlines and slim bars. This means that you get best of both worlds – attractiveness and robustness. 


Weather Resistant

Roof lanterns are a fantastic way to protect your home against adverse weather conditions. Constructed from resilient aluminium, roof lanterns from My Bifold are renowned for their strength. As well as this, the double glazing that is embedded is rigorously tested. This means we are confident that our roof lanterns will be able to tolerate harsh weather such as torrential rain and high winds. Even snow is not a problem. Because of the triple layer storm shield protection inbuilt into our aluminium roof lanterns, freezing temperatures will not cause you an issues either. If you are looking to enhance your home and make it even more cosy, even in the depths of winter, roof lanterns are a great investment.


Thermal Qualities

Homes often lose heat or become subject to damp because of poorly-made components which do not allow for proper ventilation. With My Bifold, we can help to eliminate these issues with our roof lanterns. Created using thermally broken components, the risk of condensation is eradicated. Cleverly designed, we are proud that our aluminium roof lanterns are 65% more efficient than others on the market. As a result of being able to balance their heat, a roof lantern from My Bifold is sure to make your home warmer by not allowing air to escape. This means that you will likely use your heating far less, thus making huge savings on your heating bills. Constructed using vacuum spaced gaps between the 28mm double glazed glass roof, your home will preserve as much heat as possible. Solar heating also means that the sun’s natural warmth is able to fill your room, therefore working effectively as raw heat source. Comfort and cosiness will definitely be enhanced with the addition of a roof lantern.



Aluminium roof lanterns are constructed with the finest materials, meaning that they are built to truly stand the test of time. Enhancing your home with roof lanterns is a worthwhile investment that will continue adding light, comfort and protection to your home for many years to come.



Once installed, roof lanterns are easy to maintain. Self-cleaning glass is an option with many roof lanterns, allowing your home to be enhanced without the fuss of the upkeep. Although this type of glass is a little more expensive than standard double glazing, it is an effective way of improving your home if you are looking for minimal maintenance.



Roof lanterns from My Bifold can be customised to suit you and your home. This means that whatever your budget is and whatever your style preferences are, we will work with you to enhance your property. With a vast array of colours and finishes to opt for, roof lanterns can either be created to blend in with the space you are enhancing, or alternatively they can create a bold statement. Whatever you choose, roof lanterns are guaranteed to add style and elegance to your room.


If you are looking for an alternative to a traditional conservatory roof or you would like to replace an existing roof in your home, a roof lantern is a worthwhile investment. Guaranteed to improve your home by making it more light and spacious, it is no wonder that roof lanterns are such a popular choice for home renovations. If you have any questions about roof lantern prices or you would like to discuss the prospect of roof lanterns further, you can contact a member of our dedicated team on 01522 516615.









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