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Are Bifold Doors Thermally Efficient?

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Bifold doors are one of the most thermally efficient home improvements on the market today. By installing bifold doors, you could improve the insulation inside your living space, allow more natural light in, and change the way you access your home. When the weather is good, your bifold doors can open seamlessly, with multiple glass panels folding away to reveal a seamless entrance. And, when the weather turns on you, these doors can keep you warm and comfortable no matter what.

Bifold doors are naturally efficient. Bifold doors will feature multiple panels of advanced double glazing, which can capture more of your home's natural heat. Not only that, aluminum profiles can keep the doors air and water-tight, meaning less cold air can pass into your home. As a result, you can save on your energy bills while keeping warm in your living space.

At my ^ bifold , we've been manufacturing bifold doors that are thermally efficient for over 40 years. We only use premium-grade materials in our design, and we've refined our doors with leading technology. Because of this, our systems will provide superb insulation for your home for years to come, creating an excellent long-term investment. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our thermally efficient bifold doors!

Can Bifold Doors Make My Home More Thermally Efficient?

You might think that bifold doors could expose your home to cold weather. After all, most designs replace one of the walls in your home. Because of this, you might think that adding glass to this part of your living space could allow more cold air to enter your home and more warm air to escape it. However, the opposite is true with modern bifold doors.

Nowadays, bifold doors have advanced double glazing in their design. With two panes of glass instead of one, they can create a thermal barrier for your home, trapping warm air inside and keeping cold air outside. Not only that, aluminum profiles are perfect for keeping you comfortable. With a more dense material than uPVC and a more resilient one than timber, you can insulate your home more effectively and for much longer too.

At my ^ bifold, we make our doors with thermally efficient 28mm double glazed units. Because of this, there'll be more in the way of cold air entering your home, and you'll get better protection from it. It's why our bifold doors are so thermally efficient, achieving impressive U-values ​​of 1.8W / m2k. As a result, you can save on your energy bills for good.

What Makes Bifold Doors So Thermally Efficient?

Bifold doors are thermally efficient for many reasons. One of them is that our bifold doors feature a polyamide bridge. A bridge like this acts as a lining inside the doors, providing an additional layer of insulation. Because of this, you can capture more of your home's natural heat all while keeping dreaded cold air out of your home.

Another reason aluminum bifold doors are thermally efficient in particular is that they are weatherproof. Aluminum profiles won't fade, rot, crack, twist or lose their shape in even the most extreme wind and rain. Additionally, we fit our bifold doors with EPDM rubber gaskets and weather brushes, preventing damp, mold, and condensation issues. Our bifold doors stay thermally efficient for longer as a result!

Also, our bifold doors are available with integral blinds. So, if you want to shut the world out and get some privacy in your living space, you can. And, when it's cold outside, those blinds can act as yet another layer of insulation for your home. With our bifold doors, you'll have a thermally efficient design that puts you in complete control of your home's comfort.

Bifold Doors from my ^ bifold are Thermally Efficient

Bifold doors are a thermally efficient design for your home. However, bifold doors from my ^ bifold are even more thermally efficient. With over 40 years of experience in the bifold business and plenty of leading partners by our side, we can create doors that are more thermally efficient than anything else on the market. And, with our easy order process, you can get them without stress and hassle as well.

Rather than install the doors ourselves, we can refer you to approved local installers who'll do the job right. With a local company, you'll get a more personalized and responsive service. You'll also benefit from shorter waiting times and more competitive prices! We manufacture our bifold doors at a superb 35,000 sq. ft. factory, too, meaning you get quality design every time.

Finally, we can make your new bifold doors bespoke to your home. With our powder coating service, we can give your doors any color you like and make sure it lasts. Our powder coating process makes the colors highly durable, and they won't fade in even the worst conditions. So, not only will your bifold doors be thermally efficient, they'll look fantastic as well.

Choose my ^ bifold today for bifold doors that are thermally efficient at low prices! Explore our full range on our website today, find your local company or give us a call on 01522 516 615 to find out more.

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