Are Bifold Doors Secure?

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Are bifold doors secure, and can they protect you and your family when it matters most? It’s one of the main questions people ask when they’re looking to get a new set of doors for their home. Fortunately, bifold doors from my^bifold are one of the most secure designs you’ll find. With a wide range of advanced security hardware, a highly durable aluminium profile from Smart and a durable, weatherproof design, you’ll be in safe hands with our doors.

Bifold doors are unique for any home, especially if you want to open it up to more light. Doors like these have several panels of double glazing which fold in on themselves when you open the doors, meaning they slide across and stack in the corner of the room. However, bifold doors are perhaps even more useful closed as they are open. It’s because the bifold doors we install have a sophisticated set of security features that makes them almost impossible to break through.

Bifold doors lock in place across each frame of glass, meaning there are no weak spots for intruders to get through. Not only that, you can install bifold doors with low threshold options, lowering the door to make it harder to prise open from underneath. At my^bifold, we’re also proud to fit the Smart Visofold 1000 Aluminium Profile across our range of bifold doors for your home. Smart’s profile makes our bifold doors the most secure on the market today, and they’re fully weatherproof to make them able to protect your home for decades to come!

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How Do Bifold Doors Secure Your Home?

Secure Profile

At my^bifold, we source our bifold doors from market-leading manufacturers, meaning they’re more secure for your home. We make your security our top priority, which is why we work with a company that does the very same. Smart are an industry leader, designing bifold doors that have durable aluminium profiles that last for years to come. Smart has engineered their profiles to be perfect for bifold doors, operating smoothly for thousands of uses while insulating your home during the winter.

Our bifold doors have secure aluminium profiles, making them a better option than uPVC or timber doors. Aluminium is a precious metal, meaning it has outstanding natural strength and durability. As a result, aluminium bifold doors are impact-resistant, helping them withstand forced-entry attempts, and aluminium doesn’t suffer from any damage in wind and rain. Our doors are also fully weatherproof, achieving Class 4 standards for air and wind permeability and Class E standards for water permeability.

Secure Hardware

However, our bifold doors don’t only have a strong exterior. You’ll also find a whole host of security features inside your doors that will work to keep young your family safe. For example, you can choose from a range of durable double glazing options for your home, and we offer specialist glass units to ensure you get the perfect fit. And, with our high-quality door finishes, your doors will have a 10-year guarantee to cover you for peeling, blistering, corrosion and fading.

Underneath the doors, you’ll also benefit from multi-point locking mechanisms that lock each panel of double glazing into the aluminium profiles. Additionally, your doors will have high-security hook-bolt locks, and one piece keeps on main opening sashes. You can also get magnetic door clips to secure any open door sashes, meaning you can take more control of your home’s security. By choosing our bifold doors, you’ll get a secure design that keeps you safe from even the cleverest burglars.

Secure for Decades

Finally, bifold doors will be a secure design for decades to come. It’s because, by working with Smart Architectural Aluminium, we can offer a highly durable profile that’ll perform for decades inside your home. Aluminium is one of the most resilient materials around, and it can keep performing at its best even in poor weather conditions. Not only that, you won’t have to repaint the frames at all - just cleaning them with a damp cloth will do.

As a result, you won’t have to worry about your aluminium bifold doors fading or wearing away after only a few short years. Unlike timber and even uPVC doors, aluminium bifold doors could perform for up to 50 years, meaning they could last you a lifetime. And, if you’re still worried about keeping your home secure, our bifold door profiles protect the locking hardware underneath from rust and wear. Because of this, your door will be protected, making it able to continue to protect what matters most to you.

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Are Bifold Doors from my^bifold Secure?

Due to all this, choosing bifold doors from my^bifold is a secure investment for your home. And, with our competitive prices and fast delivery times, we’re also a more secure way of getting new doors without having to pay sky-high prices. You can either get flat-packed doors or fully assembled ones, too, meaning you decide how they come to your home to stay in control of the budget. You’ll still benefit from our superb profiles and security hardware as standard, no matter which you pick.

So, are bifold doors secure enough for your home? If you think so, start your quote online today and get a personalised price for the doors of your dreams. And, if you want to learn more about our secure bifold doors, use our online contact form to get in touch with our friendly team. We look forward to hearing from you!

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