Are Bifold Doors Energy Efficient?

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Are bifold doors energy efficient? Here at my bi^fold, we offer energy efficient bifold doors that utilise a market-leading aluminium profile built from premium grade materials that can be outfitted with outstanding hardware such as multiple hinges, handles and multi-wheeled rolling systems that are built for lasting performance. But how is it energy efficient, and how does this benefit a homeowner. Below we will be discussing the thermal performance and features of our bifold doors and how their energy efficiency can increase the comfort and performance of your property.

What is a U-Value?

To first understand how energy efficient a bifold door is, it is instrumental to understand U-values. A U-value (also known as thermal transmittance or heat transfer coefficients) is effectively the rate of transfer of heat through a type of structure, for example, a bifold door. This means a U-value dictates how effective elements of buildings are as insulators. Therefore, the lower a U-value, the better, as this means it allows less heat to escape from your property, trapping and retaining it more to make sure your interior stays warm and cosy. By utilising our bifold doors’ 28mm double glazed units, our doors are able to achieve an astounding U-value of 1.8 W/m2K.

Why Should my Bifold Door be Energy Efficient?

You might be wondering: ‘Why does it matter if my bifold door is energy efficient?’ This is not an uncommon question among homeowners, but energy efficiency within your home can benefit you not only from a comfort standpoint but benefit you economically in the long run. That is right; you can save money by investing in an energy efficient bifold door. But how? As mentioned prior, our bifold doors are very capable of trapping and retaining the natural heat inside your home, preventing it from escaping through your expertly insulated door. This would then mean you would be less inclined to switch on the central heating, as your bifold door is already making sure your interior stays warm and cosy without any assistance from the radiators. Subsequently, this means you pay less on the energy bill as you will be using your home’s costly heating less and less. Such thermal efficiency is becoming more and more attractive for homeowners as energy prices continue to increase, meaning that a cheaper alternative can be very helpful for those looking to save money. This means that not only do you get a secure and stylish new bifold door, but you can also enjoy a warmer and cosier home without the cost of the heating bill. Conversely, we also offer head vents for subtle, background ventilation which can be fitted into frame extensions, meaning when the hotter seasons arrive, you can cool your interior without the electronic cost of fans or security risk of opening your windows, keeping you comfortably cool and secure.

How Weatherproof are Bifold Doors?

It is all well and good when we say our bifold doors are energy efficient, but how well can they hold up against the weather, the main sources of uncomfortable levels of heat and cold infiltrating your home. Here at my bi^fold, we are proud to say that our bifold doors are not only energy efficient, but also weatherproof. By utilising high quality EPDM rubber gaskets and weather brushes that can be installed upon your aluminium bifold door, it will achieve an impressive standard of weatherproofing. EPDN, which is short for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, provides amazing protection and resistance against the ozone, oils, UV rays and, most importantly: weathering. EPDM rubber gaskets effectively act as a seal to prevent moisture from entering your home. Weather brushes effectively act as a barrier around your bifold door to keep pests outside, make sure dirt, dust, and debris do not enter your home and is able to stop any form of weather breaching into your property, such as rain, wind and snow. Both forms of incredibly useful hardware help eliminate both draughts and water ingress, keeping your property dry, clean and continuously stylish no matter what the weather is outside.

Are bifold doors energy efficient? We here at my bi^fold would argue yes. Especially our bifold doors, as we utilise modern hardware and materials to make sure our valued customers can enjoy a greater quality of life at home with our bifold doors. Through the utilisation of EPDM rubber gaskets, weather brushes combined with an aluminium profile made from premium grade materials all combine to provide an amazing low U-Value, meaning your bifold door can let less heat out and keep more of it inside where it counts. For those looking for energy efficient bifold doors, why not contact us or use our free quoting engine?

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