Easy to maintain bifold doors

Are Bifold Doors Easy To Maintain?

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Aluminium Bifold doors can transform the aesthetic of every property. With a contemporary slimline profile and durable double glazed panels, these doors offer both exceptional security and enhanced views for homeowners. 

At my bifold, we provide market leading installations and use premium grade aluminium frames from Smart Architectural Aluminium. Our bifold doors can be configured to suit properties of all ages. With our contemporary designs, homeowners can bring more natural light into their homes and create a brighter and more airy indoor space. 

The folding, concertina design and multi panel configurations may seem like a complex design, but these doors are extremely easy to use. With one simple push, your bifold doors will neatly fold into each other, providing easy access to your outdoor space and enviable panoramic views. If you are concerned that the folding design will make aluminium bifold doors difficult to maintain, let us reassure you. 

Low Maintenance Design 

Aluminium bifold doors are available with various glass panel configurations and can bring a contemporary look to homes of all ages. Our designs can be customised, giving you the option to choose the best colours to suit your property. Whatever design you choose, we guarantee a high performing product that is easy to maintain. 

The slimline frames are made from premium grade aluminium, robustly built to provide excellent performance for many years to come. Our high grade double glazing fits snugly into the frames, giving you total peace of mind that your bifold doors not only look great but have impressive structural integrity too. 

Easy Clean Materials 

Large glass panels will engulf the rooms of your home in natural light. For properties that feel a little miserable and bleak due to poor lighting, our aluminium bifold doors can completely transform your space. A brighter home is not only a more pleasant environment but can also make your home more appealing to buyers. Should you decide to sell your property in the future, your state of the art aluminium bifold doors can boost its value. 

While glass panels have many benefits, dirty double glazing can ruin the overall appearance of your doors and interfere with your outside views. Windows can be tricky to clean if you don’t know what you are doing. Use the wrong products or techniques, and you risk smudging dirt on the glass and creating an unsightly focal point in your home. 

Our aluminium bifold doors are made from easy to clean materials. The double glazing can be cleaned with a simple water and vinegar or water and soap solution. Be careful not to use too much soap, and use a microfiber cloth to get the best finish. The aluminium frames can easily be cleaned with a non-abrasive cloth. Just be careful not to scrub too hard, as this may damage the material. 

If you want to keep your double glazing door panels clean with minimal effort, we provide an upgrade to self-cleaning glazing. This bifold door style provides maximum style with enhanced practicality. The glass panes will continue to provide optimum views with minimal cleaning required. 

Built to Last

When investing in new doors, homeowners want to know that they are buying a product that is built to last. Home improvement projects often require a lot of planning and time to complete, and you won’t want to be installing new doors again in just a few years because something has gone wrong. At my bifold, we offer only the best, market leading aluminium bifold doors. Our customers can be confident that their new doors have a robust structure and are made from durable materials. 

Unlike more traditional styles, these aluminium bifold doors will not discolour, flake or warp over time. The premium grade aluminium frames will maintain their perfect finish for years to come, and the light weight metal profiles provide maximum structural integrity. 

Quality Guarantee 

When purchasing aluminium bifold doors from my^bifold, you can be confident that your new doors will stand the tests of time. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, our 10 year guarantee can provide you with total peace of mind. 

The finish on our bifold aluminium doors is protected for a decade. This means that should any peeling, blistering, corrosion, sheen loss or fading occur. Your doors are covered by our quality guarantee. We value customer satisfaction and are committed to providing the best aluminium doors on the market today. 

Low Maintenance Bifold Doors

To learn more about our aluminium bifold doors, visit our product webpage. Now that you know that our door styles are easy to maintain and the finish is protected by a 10 year guarantee, you might be ready to customise your dream bifold door design. 

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