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Aluminium Folding Door Costs

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How much do aluminium folding doors cost? Aluminium folding doors can sometimes be one of the more expensive property pieces when it comes to home improvement and renovation. Their unique ability and feature to fold upon itself and create more space for the homeowner are both attractive and lucrative for increasing the value of the home they are installed upon. Aluminium folding doors can have high costs that may seem too much for such a type of door, despite all of its features and specifications. Many installers will charge thousands of pounds for their designs, putting off potential homeowners looking to add both style and security for their homes. This is why we here at my^bifold offer the best of both worlds: affordable and practical in every degree aluminium folding doors.

Exceptional Door Profile

Just because our aluminium folding doors cost a little less does not mean we skimp out on quality. Our aluminium folding doors does what it says on the tin: uses aluminium. Manufactured from premium grade materials, we ensure the highest standards of performance, aesthetics and design through our market-leading aluminium door profile. We offer a variant of our aluminium door profile, the Visofold 1000 aluminium door profile. Enhance your home with the best of what the market has to offer, with a versatile design that can easily fit into living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and conservatories. Featuring the innovative design of Smart Architectural Aluminium, this aluminium folding door simply offers more. We offer affordable costs with our options of flat packs or to arrive fully assembled. 

Highly Secure

Through the utilisation of the aforementioned aluminium door profile, our aluminium folding doors justify their costs through its reliable and consistent security performance and hardware. Wielding a premium standard of structural integrity, they provide outstanding rigidity and robustness, capable of withstanding strong impacts whilst looking stylish doing so. Combine this with the extra security provided by the additional hardware available to our aluminium folding doors, such as high security hook bolt locks, shootbolt locking on floating mullions, and magnetic door clips. We here at my^bifold understand the importance of homeowners wanting themselves and their loved ones to feel safe and secure inside their own properties. This is why we make sure that the cost of our aluminium folding doors go towards improving not only the style and comfort of your home but its security, preventing potential break-ins and helping you feel more reassured.

Low Maintenance

The cost of our aluminium folding doors is justified because we make sure you do not have to spend an extra penny after the initial installation of your aluminium folding door. We employ an expertly designed door to make sure that you, as the homeowner, will have to deal with a minimal amount of upkeep as possible. That is because our aluminium folding doors can uphold its high standards of both appearance and design even after many years. The finish we use on our doors is accompanied by a 10-year guarantee that ensures that your aluminium folding door will prevail against peeling, blistering, corrosion, fading and potential loss of sheen. All you have to do is provide the occasional wipe down with a clean cloth. Such minimal upkeep will mean your door will last for at least a decade, which given the cost of our aluminium folding door, it can be considered an investment. We also offer feature a range of glazing styles that can upgrade to self-cleaning for enhanced practicality.

Accessibility and Space

The defining feature and justification of its cost, our aluminium folding doors have been intelligently designed to fold away neatly when you decide to open them. Enjoy a door aperture that can stay 90% open. Our aluminium folding doors have no swing arcs either, meaning that they are perfect for homeowners looking for a bright and spacious room that provides unmatched ventilation of fresh air, coupled with the illumination of natural sunlight. Our aluminium folding doors also try to be accessible as possible. They are available with a standard threshold of 49.5mm (with an up stand) or a low threshold version that includes ramps for wheelchair and pushchair options at 15mm. Enjoy the ease of access and wide, open space to allow for a maximal amount of ease and freedom.

What are the justifications of aluminium folding door costs? We here at my^bifold believe that you get an affordable and competitively priced aluminium folding door that comes accompanied with an exceptional aluminium door profile, a variety of security features and hardware, the ease of being low maintenance, and its capability of offering greater space and accessibility. Our aluminium folding door costs look out for homeowners like you looking for the very best in folding doors without the unnecessary need to break the bank. To find out more about our aluminium folding door costs, try our free quoting engine or contact us today. 

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