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Aluminium Bifold Doors Vs Aluminium Patio Doors

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Aluminium doors can bring more natural light into your property, creating a relaxing and airy atmosphere inside your home. If you are considering a new door installation but can’t decide between aluminium bifold doors or aluminium patio doors, this comparison article is here to help. 

Finding the best aluminium doors for your property can be challenging. You may be looking for doors that add a touch of classic charm or more of a contemporary design. There are aluminium doors to suit every property, and we are sharing the benefits of both styles here. 

What are Aluminium Bifold Doors? 

Doors do more than just allow you access to your property. The right style of door can completely transform your home, allowing natural light to flood inside and create the illusion of extra internal space. Looking out at your garden through your windows is one thing, but large double glazed doors can enhance your views of the outside and bring the joys of nature right to your doorstep. 

Aluminium bifold doors can bring a contemporary feel to properties of all ages. These doors have an easy fold opening. With a simple push, your doors will fold neatly back into themselves and reveal exceptional panoramic views of your outside space. Made from strong aluminium, the light weight metal frame is more robust than you may think and is built to withstand break in attempts. 

Benefits of Aluminium Bifold Doors 

For homeowners looking for a contemporary design and plenty of modern features, aluminium bifold doors deliver both. Our Aluminium doors have many benefits, and we install market leading profiles from Smart Architectural Aluminium. 

Our aluminium bifold doors are designed to entice maximum amounts of natural light into your home. The slimline aluminium frame is strong yet thin enough not to disrupt your view. In fact, the slim frame means we can use larger double glazing glass panes. The more glass, the wider and more enticing your view will be of the world outside. 

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

If the comment about large panes of glass have you fearing for your home's security, let us reassure you now. Our double glazing fits snuggly into the robust aluminium frame, and the glass is strong. Even the most determined burglars will struggle to break it. To further protect our customers, our aluminium bifold doors feature top of the range locking mechanisms. We provide magnetic door clips, shootbolt locks and hook bolt locking systems. Along with a contemporary aesthetic, our aluminium bifold doors are equipped with all the modern security measures you could wish for. 

Our aluminium bifold doors can be customised to help homeowners create a bespoke and seamless connection between their home and garden space. We provide various colour options. You can choose how many glass panes you want and select the opening configuration that best suits your home. 

This style of door provides maximum access to your home and folds neatly to the side when open to create optimum space. You can be confident that the aluminium profiles we install are weatherproof, easy to maintain and built to keep your property safe. 

What are Aluminium Patio Doors? 

Aluminium patio doors are similar to bifolds in many ways. Our profiles for patio doors are also made by Smart Architectural Aluminium, using only high grade materials and offering exceptional customer satisfaction. 

Patio doors have a touch of classic charm about them, but our modern design provides total ease of use. With a simple push, the large patio doors will glide open, giving you smooth access to your outside space. Whether you want to invite in a cool breeze on a summer’s day or boost the light inside your home, you can easily achieve both with our aluminium patio doors. 

Aluminium Patio Doors

Benefits of Aluminium Patio Doors 

They may have a more traditional aesthetic than bifold doors, but aluminium patio doors have several benefits that can enhance the appearance and ambience of your home. These doors use top of the range weatherproofing techniques, keeping cold droughts out without disrupting your field of vision. Alongside keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, our patio doors are designed with large double glazed panes. Patio doors can completely transform the look of your home, turning a regular wall space into a picturesque garden scene. 

Traditional patio doors can have bulky frames, but this is not the case with our aluminium patio doors. The sliding opening may not be as modern as the bifold designs, but our contemporary patio doors use slimline aluminium frames with all the security features a conscientious homeowner could want. 

If you have a patio door design in mind, our aluminium styles can be tailor made. With a range of colours and styles to choose from, there is an aluminium patio door to suit every property. Our designs can complement the traditional aesthetic of period properties or bring something special and bespoke to modern new builds. 

Aluminium Bifold Doors vs Aluminium Patio Doors - We Can Help You Choose 

If you are considering a new door installation, both aluminium bifolds and patio doors have many benefits. Both of these styles are made from premium grade aluminium and are designed to enhance the appearance of your home. Enjoy your exterior and interior space in a whole new way with aluminium doors. 

Contact our team at My Bifold to discuss your aluminium door requirements and discover which style best suits your requirements. If after reading this article, you know which type of aluminium doors you want, use our online quote engine to receive a bespoke price today. 

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