Innovation Behind Bifold Doors

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Bifold doors are one of the most unique and innovative profiles available on the market. They have a unique opening system that can be configured to your requirements. So what are the innovations that make these sturdy folding doors the best installation for your property?


What Are Bifold Doors Made From?

Our bifold doors are crafted using high-quality materials to ensure they deliver a superior standard of visual appeal, security and performance. No matter if you have a traditional or modern home, you can enjoy a premium door that will stay performing for many years to come.

To ensure this quality is achieved, we work with an industry-leading aluminium profile sourced from the trusted Smart Architectural Aluminium. This ensures our doors completely surpass other bifolding designs available in the market, guaranteeing satisfaction no matter the size, era or shape of your property.

Our experienced team utilise the Visofold 1000 aluminium profile because we feel it to be the highest quality product for your requirements. Their innovative designs can be installed anywhere in the home from the balcony and kitchen to the back of your home, conservatories, and orangeries. Because these doors are available in flat-packed or fully assembled options, our installers will work to your schedule. The innovation behind our bifold doors will make them hassle-free to install.


How Do Bifold Doors Operate?

Bifold doors stand out on the market thanks to their unique opening style. Bifold doors fold neatly away when opened, leaving behind a wide aperture. With no swing space required, they can be installed in rooms where space is at a premium like balconies and kitchens.

The unique design of aluminium bifold doors allows them to neatly fold away upon opening, leaving homeowners with a wide aperture. This enables you to enjoy a seamless connection between your home and garden, decking or patio area.

The high performance designed doors open smoothly and easily with just one push. This gliding functionality means they can cope with years of stress and hard use.

s these doors are intelligently designed to fold neatly away when opened, you’ll be able to enjoy a door aperture that stays 90% open. This is perfect for creating a bright, spacious and airy feel in any room in which these doors are installed.


To help accessibility further, our doors are available with a standard threshold with an upstand of 49.5mm or a low threshold version with ramps at only 15mm. By opting for this design, wheelchair and pushchair users will be able to enjoy easy access and exit.


Are Bifold Doors Weatherproof?

Yes, high-quality weather brushes and EPDM rubber gaskets ensure our bifold doors achieve outstanding levels of weatherproofing. This means that draughts and water ingress will be a thing of the past. These profiles feature 28mm double glazed units, available with integral blinds, delivering a leading U-value of 1.8 W/m2K. You can also add head vents into frame extensions for background ventilation.

The premium polyamide bridge is installed into the aluminium profile upholds market-leading standards of insulation. This design works to improve the way your building retains heat, keeping it inside your home for longer. These innovative techniques can help your energy bills become lower and your property more sustainable.


How Safe Are Bifold Doors?

 Despite their expansive panes of glazing, bifold doors are extremely safe. All bifold doors have been designed with security in mind and in most cases are more secure than normal doors. Crafted using premium aluminium profiles and robust double glazing, they will keep unwanted intruders outside where they belong.

The security of your home is assured by multi-point lock mechanisms on main opening sashes, and shoot-bolt locking on floating mullions.

The hinges, handles and multi-wheeled rolling systems installed across the range of bifold doors are built for a long-lasting performance. This makes bifolding doors a fantastic investment for any property in your local area.


Can I Easily Maintain My Bifold Doors?

Yes, aluminium bifold doors require very minimal maintenance for the homeowner. This ensures you need to spend very little time and money upholding the highest standards of design, performance and appearance.

The innovative finishes on our line of bifold doors come with a 10-year guarantee against corrosion, peeling and blistering. You can even enhance these doors, so they feature self-cleaning innovations for improved practicality.

You can also add a range of other specialist glazed units to ensure your new installation perfectly blends into your home and fits your interior design goals. If this doesn’t suit your standards, you can also add specialist glass units.


How Do I Get A Bifold Doors Price?

Use our online quoting engine to get a free, instant and zero obligation bifold door quote. Our innovative costing tool will generate a price tailored to your specifications.

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