Bifold Doors For Traditional Homes

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You might look at our line of modern bifold doors and think they are only for contemporary homes in your area. Our bifold doors will also suit traditional homes and heritage properties. We offer a range of bifolding doors that can be adapted to your specific requirements and the existing architecture of your home.

They can brighten up even the smallest of traditional homes, flooding a space with natural lighting and giving it the illusion of having more space. This is ideal in traditional homes with darker architecture and more subdued interior design. Increased exposure to natural lighting has even been proven to have a positive effect on the well-being of the homeowner.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Lincoln

Bifold doors create a seamless visual and physical link between the inside of your home and your garden, decking or patio area. They are a fantastic double glazing installation if you have an outdoor space you use to socialise a lot.

You can customise your new bifold door, ensuring you have exactly the right door for your home. Whether you want an installation to seamlessly blend into your traditional architecture or to modernize a heritage home, we can help.

Choose from a broad selection of opening configurations, colours and panels to tailor your new bifold doors perfectly to your space. Get in touch with us today and we can accommodate your design preferences.


How do Bifold Doors Operate?

Bifold doors are made of multiple leaves or panels, opening by sliding and folding up against each other like a concertina. The tracking system in which the panels are fixed allows smooth operation and ease of use.

Because they fold away, they are an ideal solution for traditional homes where space is at a premium. With no swing space, they can be installed into rooms and opened without any concern for your antique furniture.

Our high-performance designs open and close smoothly with just a simple push. The gliding operation means it will stay opening and closing smoothly for many years to come, even after extensive use. This allows you to easily enter and exit your property, even with mobility issues.

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As these bifold doors are innovatively designed to neatly fold away when opened up wide, you’ll be able to enjoy an aperture that stays 90% open. This is an ideal home improvement solution for creating a bright, spacious and airy feel to any room in a traditional home.

The door panels come between 1 and 8, ensuring the size of your traditional home is taken into account. We will match your door to your existing aperture, causing no damage to heritage features. We can even go below 700mm on the door sash width, but we can’t guarantee our trademark smooth operation.

You can also choose from a selection of opening options, allowing your new bifolding doors to open from the left, right or from the middle. You can even choose the open-in and open-out bifold doors, as well as a selection handles, available in white, black and chrome. Our bespoke door hinges are available in white or black. You have full control over how classic or modern our products look in your traditional home.




Benefits of Bifold Doors

One of the key benefits of installing a bifold door into your traditional home is the superior levels of weatherproofing and security. These doors feature high-quality EDPM rubber gaskets and weather brushes to keep the rain, wind and snow outside where it belongs. These features will also eliminate water ingress and draughts.

Created with 28mm double glazed units and available with integral blinds, these folding doors can offer an outstanding U-value of 1.8 W/m2K. Our efficient installation team can also offer head vents for improved background ventilation.

The high-grade polyamide bridge featured in the aluminium profile of our bifold doors delivers impressive levels of insulation. This double glazing design works to improve the heat retention of your traditional home, ensuring it starts more comfortable for longer.

The hinges handle, and multi-wheeled rolling systems we use across our entire lime of aluminium bifold doors are designed and manufactured for a long lasting performance. This makes our bifold doors a fantastic investment for any traditional home in your area.




Are Bifold Doors A Good Installation For Traditional Homes?

Yes, despite being known as modern and contemporary, our bifold doors suit traditional homes and period properties.

Our online quoting engine will help you to get a free, instant and competitive aluminium bifold door quote for your traditional home. Our innovative costing tool will tailor your price to your specifications.

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